Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Saxon Gedriht #2 and a Happy New Year!

Slipping in my second unit of the elite Saxon Gedriht warriors before the year ends, but this time with a banner. I've said before that I really like banners even though they have no effect in Dux B. as they just add that little extra to your army. The miniatures are once again from the superb Musketeer range and the banner and shields are the excellent LBM with MIg pigments for weathering.

Well, this is where I take a much needed break from Dark Age material for a little while and go back to my long suffering AWI range which hasn't seen a drop of paint in quite some time. Don't worry for those interested in Dark Ages as I'll be back soon enough as I plan to expand my Saxons for Dux Bellorum, start on my Late Romans and re-base my Vikings, but my AWI really does need some attention. I'll talk more about this it later.

I won't do an extensive year in review other then to say it was typical year of not getting as much as I would have liked finished, but still managing to get some things done. I've also tried a new way of doing things which is goal setting. By this I mean I set a small reasonable goal and complete that before moving on to something else and this seems to be working for me.

I wish everyone a  Happy New Year and good luck on achieving your goals!

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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Saxon Gedriht #1

Ok folks now we are on to the tough guys in my army. The elite troops known as Gedriht which is a mix of the warlords family, household guards and professional warriors who have the best equipment in the army. These figures like all my Saxons up to now are from the superb Musketeer miniatures range. These guys are what attracted me into collecting Early Saxons in the first place and once I saw them I knew I would have to have them as they looked hard as rocks and frankly quite fearsome. The shields are LBM with a liberal dash of MIG pigments to get that worn and used effect.

I'm starting to see the end of the tunnel for my starting Saxon army for Dux B. without needing to do any proxies. Just another unit of Gedriht and re-basing some archers then the finish line. Of course I'll end up adding more, but I'll have achieved my first goal which is something rare for me.

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 Oh and for Christmas I got a Kindle Fire HDX so I can lie on the coach and read all my digital wargames subscriptions!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Hedenulf "The Grey"- Wicca Priest and Merry Christmas

After Hamarolf's crushing victory at the Battle of Parvumoppidum word spread rapidly throughout the land attracting the attention of the Wiccans a pagan sect of priests to the camp site on the field. Walking out of the trees like an apparition the renowned priest of Odin known as Hedenulf "The Grey" petitioned Hamarolf to build a shrine to Odin on this now sacred battleground. Hamarolf seeing the wisdom of gaining the favour of Odin and the backing of the Wiccans agreed to fund the building of the shrine. Upon completion a great sacrifice of prisoners were made to honour the newly completed shrine.

Since this Hedenulf often accompanies Hamarolf inspiring his men with promises of Valhalla and Odin's favour if they fight well, plus a bit of reading the bones for portents and signs from the gods.

In Dux Britanniarum a wicca priest serves no active role, but he will look good on the table I think. I may devise rules for him at some point, but until then he will just be a table enhancer.

MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone and may Santa fill your stocking with plenty of lead!

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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Saxon Duguth Warriors #3 and slingers

Continuing on with my Dux B. project and my third unit of Duguth warriors. I added a standard to this unit even though in Dux B. they mean nothing and confer no benefits, but I like standards in my armies as I think they add some flair to it. Once again the figures are from the super Musketeer miniatures line and the shields and Banner are the great LBM transfers with some Foundry ones mixed in. Weathering is once again from my go to MIG pigments for these effects.

Hamarolf acquired some more followers in the form of some slingers. I used some nice Crusader El Cid ones as I think they are close enough to Saxon to pass the muster. Like my entire army I placed them easy to use movement trays which speeds up play and I think makes them look a bit more attractive.

Next up are the tough guys in the form of Gedriht warriors which are a mix of professional warriors, personal family and household guard so stay tuned!

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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

More Ruins and the upcoming challenge

Another set of ruins, but this time from Miniatures Building Authority I think. I picked this up at a bring and buy last winter for a good price. I liked the model, but the paint job on it wasn't up to snuff so I set in with my brushes and added some paint where it needed it and then added my pigments to get the weathering I wanted so now I'm happy with the results.
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So, Curt's Analogue Hobbies painting challenge here that I mentioned in a previous post is approaching soon and I need to get cleaning and  prepping . I just need to finish something first and then I'll get started. I must admit I'm not looking forward to the cleaning and prep work as that's my least favourite thing to do in the hobby, but it is necessary to get a jump on it so you don't lose valuable paint time to this unsavoury step. 

I've got a lot of things on my plate like:

- Impetus Pyrrhic army- This is a planned joint project with Nick(doing Romans) where we will compete to see who can finish the most from this in the challenge.

-AWI- I want to finish some more American units of mine to battle a large British army I acquired early this year. Plus I need to do a few British command figures and artillery. I plan to use this for Maurice and British Grenadier.

-Early Saxons- If I can't finish this before the challenge then I'll finish off the rest at the beginning.

I haven't bothered figuring out how many points it would total as it's highly unlikely I'll finish anything near to what I want not to mention I could drift off into other things as I have the attention span of a two year old at best. Anyhow, that's the outline and I'm curious to see how well I can stay on track. No laughing please one can always dream. :-)