Thursday, October 8, 2009


This baggage/camp is also black shaded like the rest.It's the beginning of what will be a larger baggage/camp when I'm finished.The nice thing about it is that I can use it for both my Normans and my Vikings as it pretty much works for both.
Miniature Company:Old Glory 15's

Norman Crossbowmen(15mm)

More black shaded Normans featuring some crossbows.These crossbowmen are also simply dressed like the archers and if anything are looked upon as even one step under as archers were often trained and skilled unlike the crossbowmen.This wasn't always the case of course,but often was.
Miniature Company:Old Glory 15's

Norman archers (15mm)

Here are some archers using the same technique I've used for the rest of the army.I kept the colors simple to reflect their status.Normans were not famous for their archery,but did have proficient archers available that they used with some effect.
Miniature Company:Old Glory 15's