Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Hedenulf "The Grey"- Wicca Priest and Merry Christmas

After Hamarolf's crushing victory at the Battle of Parvumoppidum word spread rapidly throughout the land attracting the attention of the Wiccans a pagan sect of priests to the camp site on the field. Walking out of the trees like an apparition the renowned priest of Odin known as Hedenulf "The Grey" petitioned Hamarolf to build a shrine to Odin on this now sacred battleground. Hamarolf seeing the wisdom of gaining the favour of Odin and the backing of the Wiccans agreed to fund the building of the shrine. Upon completion a great sacrifice of prisoners were made to honour the newly completed shrine.

Since this Hedenulf often accompanies Hamarolf inspiring his men with promises of Valhalla and Odin's favour if they fight well, plus a bit of reading the bones for portents and signs from the gods.

In Dux Britanniarum a wicca priest serves no active role, but he will look good on the table I think. I may devise rules for him at some point, but until then he will just be a table enhancer.

MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone and may Santa fill your stocking with plenty of lead!

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