Thursday, April 8, 2021

Roman leaders, Deployment markers for Infamy!Infamy'

The Romans will need somebody to lead them so I present Centurion Maximus Ivicus(warlord Status III leader) and his supporting optios and attached Capsarius(medic), Musician, and Vexillarius(standard bearer) plus a couple Roman Deployment markers for my growing Infamy!Infamy' collection.

I seriously doubt a Centurion would ever be caught wearing purple as that was usually reserved for the Emperor and his personal guard, but I like to take liberties to enhance a theme and this case to further distinguish him from the other leaders on the table as the man in charge.

As if giving him a purple cloak wasn't enough I mounted him on 60mm base with attached musician and standard to further establish who is running things!

However I still wanted to retain some flexibility with the command base figures to either not include in the force, place inside units or move to separate locations on the table so made my own sabot base by building up the sand around where the bases fit in....perhaps a little messy to do but works in the end.

Next up is a independent Status II leader(Junior Centurion?) with a red cloak and another leader that can either serve as Status I leader or Supra Numerum. They are intended to lead the foot Auxilliary while Maximus leads the Legionaries.

Maximus needs an Optio to keep the men in line while he's leading the force and a medic to take care of the men when they fall and help get them back in the fighting. I'm not sure what the figure drinking from the cup is supposed to be, but I decided he would make a decent looking medic taking a quick sip before getting to work.

Romans are allowed to deploy from Deployment/ Ambush markers if they are Auxiliary troops, cavalry or Allied Barbarians just like the Barbarians lists although only have 2 to the possible Barbarian 6.

Deployment/Ambush markers are probably the most fun things to make for Infamy as you can let your imaginations go a bit and in this case I decided to use some Romans with their Barbarian guides that are helping them navigate the dark forests of Germania.

The figures are mostly A6A, Wargames Foundry and I think Warlord painted using Foundry and Vallejo paints and some Mig pigments that are now called Abteilung 502 pigments I believe.

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Friday, March 19, 2021

Roman Auxiliary Infantry

Moving along with my 3rd Century Romans for Infamy! Infamy' which are now actually starting to resemble a force! I just need a few leaders now and I'll be able to field the core of my army with a couple options, however I'll of course want more then a couple options.

Anyways back to the unit on hand are some light infantry which no Roman commander worth his salt would leave camp without or he would quickly find his legionaries either outflanked or falling into a nasty ambush in some dark woods without these vital troops to scout ahead.

While making big armies has it's place(great fun!) I do rather enjoy building these pocket armies that TFL games offer as the entry level isn't very high to get started, but for those wanting more you will find this in the options available so while your army my not be very large on any given game you will want to build a lot of options to handle the different scenarios and campaigns thus your collection can end up being very large indeed so in the end you become spoiled for choice just as if you were collecting large armies. Nice!

The figures are from A&A which are very nice straightforward to paint and the bases were made to order from Colin over at Charlie Foxtrot Models. The figures were painted with Vallejo, Foundry and some P3 paints and some MIG pigments for dusting of stones and shields.

The challenge is nearing the end and I need to do some leaders but they won't make it into the challenge but are probably what I'll do next.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Roman Auxiliary Archers

My next addition for my growing 3rd Century Roman army for Infamy! Infamy' from TFL are a couple of Roman Auxiliary Archers. These guys will come in handy to thin out the Barbarians before they hit the Legionaries lines. 

The figures are from A&A miniatures and were quite enjoyable to paint although there was a little bit of extra clean up in a few places but nothing very troubling. The paints I used were mostly Foundry and Vallejo with some P3 as well.

The project is slowly coming along but is beginning to take shape which always helps with the motivation to push on through to completion or should I say a point of playability. I'm trying to resist moving on to other projects before I reach my goal on this one but it's not easy!

I'm looking forward to things opening up again for in person gaming as it sometimes feels like your painting things just to put them on shelf which can put a damper on the enthusiasm a bit. While I of course enjoy watching the collection grow on the shelf  it really makes you wish you could use it. Anyhow it will be fun to put them on the table.

More Romans on the way.... probably.

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Sunday, January 24, 2021

Roman Iron

Hitting the ground with some 3rd Century Romans for Infamy! Infamy' from TFL rules. Time just seems to fly and for various reasons it took me longer to get these off the desk then I anticipated. These are heavy armored Imperial legionaries that make up the backbone of the Roman force and the core focal point of my army. I already began the Germans towards the end of last year and now onto some Romans. I may mix them both in the challenge, but at the moment the Romans take priority.

I picked 3rd Century Romans as they are probably my favorite looking of all the Romans because they have imho the most diverse look of all the periods they are involved in giving you more freedom to interpret their presentation. I just really like the mix bronze, iron and steel in various coats of banded armor, chainmail and scalemail toped off with an assortment of headgear makes for a vary interesting looking Roman force! 

I often like to take liberties and here is no exception when I added Palestinian clubmen to my western Roman force operating in Germania which I suspect is highly unlikely, but they look so cool I had to add them!
In the front rank I have the clubman and those Romans who have drawn their gladius after having thrown their pilums. The second rank is preparing to throw their pilums  in support of the front rank.

The figures are from A&A miniatures which have been around for quite a few years now, but like Foundry are standing up very well to the test of time. What is rather surprising is they are one of the few companies offering Romans from this period considering the range of armor, weapons and opponents one can find from this period.

The bases are from Charlie Foxtrot Models and Colin is a great chap to work with and will modify your bases to your specs. The paints I used were a mix of Foundry and Vallejo paints and some Mig pigments for weathering. The shields are decals from the most excellent LBM although I did add extra battle damage and weathering so they won't look exactly like that if you want some of your own.

More Infamy troops on the way!

Miniature Company- A&A miniatures

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Sunday, January 3, 2021


One of the great things about Infamy! Infamy' rules is the inclusion of  ambush markers which allows Barbarians to deploy onto the table by springing ambushes on the Romans in addition to normal deployment zones. These can be represented however you wish from a simple penny marker to a dioramic type base marker. I feel it's a perfect opportunity to let your imagination run a bit and come up with scenic bases to enhance the look of the table.

I really had quite some fun doing these markers as it gave me a chance to explore the different looks you may encounter a various Germans that might get a little lost within units but are easy to see a single base.

One thing I like to use in my basing is real material so all the rocks and fallen logs are straight from the woods/backyard and then further enhanced with paints and basing material if needed to age them for example. The banner I wanted to look a bit crude but not overly so and on some of the more feral Germans I played on that by adding black charcoal stripes.

I was inspired by one of the markers in the rulebook with the priestess praying to a sacrificial white horsehead, but I felt it needed a something to offer the sacrifice to so I decided a large rock with a earth mother type symbol painted on it would do the trick so I rummaged around the rocks a bit until I found one I felt would fit the bill nicely. Needless to say it's quite heavy!

Another interesting marker for the Germans is the wailing women which is a marker the German player can place behind his units as a rally point. Historically it seems some Germanic women would often go behind the fighting lines to stiffen the men's resolve by reminding them what would happen to the women if they were taken prisoner and what the men could lose and would even remove clothing to further drive the point home so to speak.

More on the way and probably some Romans this time! First post of 2021 and hopefully a more productive year then last.....well hopefully a better year for all of us and a Happy New Year to you all!

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