Sunday, January 16, 2022

F&IW Militia


Posting some more of my backlog work that I wasn't able to post before the challenge started. These are some organized militia that have some training, but not quite at the provincial level.

I created these with the intention of using them for Sharp Practice, but these of course can be used for any ruleset because they are sabot based.

 The figures are from Galloping Major and the whole range is excellent and very painter friendly, but I must say these are my favorite so far as I really like the eclectic clothes and equipment.

I really like the posing of the figures as it gives a sense of chaotic action with some shooting and some calling and others loading a real militia scene if you will. You could imagine the poor officer choking on smoke trying to get the men to fire in sequence......maybe the first shot if he can harness their excitement, but after that forgot it not going to happen.  

The figures were painted using my customary Foundry paints which gives a nice color intensive effect to the miniatures I really like and I also mixed in some Vallajo and Mig pigments for some dusting on the stones.

The command group represents the Captain probably selected by the men and a drummer who may or may not know how to use it in a military formation and his lieutenant crouching and sergeant. All the figures are also sabot based so I can put them in the formations or trade them out on other sabot commands. 

Recently I just hosted my first game online and it was very fun (AWI game) and I hope to do another perhaps featuring my F&IW collection. I still have some more F&IW backlog, but just one more I think which I'll post soon....ish.

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Miniature Company-Galloping Major

Sunday, January 9, 2022

Settlers Defending

My first post of  the challenge is some skirmishing settlers for my French and Indian War collection which has continued to grow over the years, but has yet to see the battlefield which I plan to rectify this year. I suppose the delay has been I wanted to have the right amount before hitting the table ad hoc.

I think ever since I'd seen Last Of the Mohicans(1992) those many moons ago I was hooked with the period . The absolutely fascinating mix of Frontiersmen, regular infantry, Indians, settlers, militia creates a dynamic that gives many different opportunities of gaming from formal battles to bitter skirmishing all in different weather conditions and challenging terrain to navigate like spots of open fields mixed in with dense woods for example.

As for figures one is pretty spoiled for choice as most mainline producers carry a range of figures with some companies dedicated to the period itself. As for myself I went with Galloping Major and Redoubt miniatures as I find both quite painter friendly and packing tons of character.

The paints I used were my go to Foundry range which is my preference for anything Horse and Musket and earlier as I like the strong bold colors they produce. I also use some Vallejo paints which are great as well. The stones and such get a dusting of Mig pigments for some weathering.

I also painted up a preacher to help keep the spirits of the fighting men up and is a useful support option when playing Sharp Practice. I noticed I was short a supporting non commissioned officer for my French Compagnies Franches de la Marine so painted one of those up as well.

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Miniature Company- Galloping Major, Redoubt Miniatures

Thursday, December 9, 2021

Roman Cavalry

This will finish up the backlog of posts for my infamy project bringing me up to date. I now have enough Roman infantry so decided to turn my attention to some supporting cavalry and leader to give the Romans a chance to flush out some ambushes and close down dangerous deployment points, counter enemy cavalry and to get behind the German lines if possible.

At this point I really don't need to add more to the Romans, but as you know we all like more options so I have no doubt this force will continue to grow and grow so as to cover as many situations as possible. It never really ends does it?

The figures are from A&A and quite enjoyable to paint, but as is the case with all cavalry in my experience takes quite some time to finish. The shields are hand painted which I like to do if the design isn't overly complicated as I find I prefer the stronger colors tones in paint then transfers. The lines are not as perfect as transfers, but richer in color so that's the trade off.

The paints are my usual for ancients which is Foundry with some Vallejo and MIG pigments for the dusting. The whole collection is on sabot bases which I tend to do for all my skirmish gaming pre modern including leaders. Leaders are on sabot bases for two reasons for raising their height closer to the unit and to put the leader into the unit itself if I want to.

Up next will be my French and Indian War backlog of posts. I hope to get some in before the challenge or at least photographed because then my time will be spent painting and photographing new units. Nick has challenged me to see who can paint the most points which will likely be him, but who knows maybe I'll pull a rabbit out of the hat and beat him.

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Miniature Company- A&A miniatures

Thursday, December 2, 2021

Germanic punch!


Some more backlog of finished units for the blog with a unit of fanatics and a couple units of slingers to support the German warriors mobs for my Infamy project. The fanatics are great at knocking holes into roman formations and the slingers shots are especially effective vs armor thus they create a German punch.

I wanted the fanatics to look really savage so I used the naked packs and gave them some black charcoal body paint and wicker shields to convey that primal theme that will stand them out from my other Germans.

For the slingers I thought they would be the young warriors of the tribe so I bought the Celtic slinger packs and gave them light beards to give a more Germanic look to them.

The figures are all from Wargames Foundry and are very fun to paint so I recommend buying them if your thinking of collecting Ancient Germans. They are expensive, but frankly still the best imho.

I still of another Infamy unit to post and then a few other things to post then I think I'll be caught up, but probably not finished before the challenge so some of that might get posted during the challenge in between units that I'll be doing for the challenge itself, but I'll make a note of that.

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Miniature Company-Wargames Foundry

Monday, November 22, 2021

More German Warriors


Blowing the dust off my blog just in time for the winter season and typically my busiest in terms of blogging. I've been running this blog for over a decade plus and it seems I just run into more inactivity in terms of posting and commenting as the years go by(sorry if I've missed posts), but still want to keep it going in spite of that. Blogs are a very nice way of chronicling your hobby then the easier but more fleeting other social media platforms I find. It's more work, but more satisfying in the end.

During my absence I haven't been twiddling my thumbs, but actually have been steadily painting miniatures albeit not at a rapid pace by any means which has left me with a fair backlog of units I need to photograph and post. I thought I would first kick it off with some German Warriors from my Infamy project which has been my primary focus.

It's been great fun watching my project grow and to my astonishment I've continued to stay more or less focused on a project until I reach a set goal something that is only very recent to me say within the past few years. I've had an occasion to stay on a project for a short period, before succumbing to O shiny thing, but lately it's becoming more common for me to stay focused to achieve a goal. Strange times indeed.......

My friend Nick and I have already had a few games of Infamy under our belts and great fun it has been! He has been playing the steady Romans and I the wild barbarians and the games have proven to give both players challanges in trying to achieve victory. I highly recommend playing the game as it truely does give a feeling of fighting in those times and is completely immersive. 

The figures are from the most excellent Wargames Foundry Ancient German range and pack massive character in them. They are on the expensive side, but imho have no equal so worth the cost. The colors used are mostly Foundry paints with a bit a Vallejo and some Mig pigments for dusting.

So that's it for now, but I should have another unit posted up pretty soon as I would like to get some of the backlog finished before the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge starts next month here and I turn my full attention to that and the new resulting units.

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Miniature Company- Wargames Foundry

Monday, June 7, 2021

Mexican Regular Infantry for Texas War of Independence


A return back to my Texas War Of Independence project I briefly started last year I think. I'll be building this for Sharp Practice 2 which I think is the perfect ruleset for this period which is small engagements fighting in a semi skirmish manner.

Since Mexicans are likely to be the more numerous of the two forces I thought I thought I would start fresh with them so I could figure out a plan of action and just get the ball rolling.

For the uniform I went with the winter colors of blue top and white pants instead of the all white summer uniform for the regulars although in the future I may use the summer to denote militia or something different from the regulars.

I painted the cross belts in a slightly brighter shade of white to the pants so they don't blend in. Other then a couple Russian officers this is the only thing I've come close to painting in a Napoleonic type of uniform and it does add a bit more work and the pom pom was a challenge getting the Mexican colors in there. 

The figures are from Boot Hill and they really do have a ton of cartoony character that just makes you smile while you paint them and I have to say they are a real joy to paint!


The paints I used were mostly foundry a dash of Vallejo and P3 thrown in the mix. I kept the colors nice and bright to further play up the style of sculpts and the basing I also went for a brighter semi desert ground. The figures are multi based from I believe warbases.

Troops need some leaders so painted up an officer and his sergeant to keep the men focused and moving. I also created some sabots for them so they would stand taller next to the unit and of course helps pick them out as leaders. It also allows me to take them off the sabots and place them in the unit if I don't want to move them separately.

Lots of pictures in this one, but I wanted to show the unit in both line and grouped together in a compact formation. I will be returning to the Texan War, but before that I'll be in the dark woods of Northern America and Canada for more gun smoke adventures.

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Miniature Company. Boot Hill Miniatures