Sunday, February 25, 2024

Early Saxon/Germanic Collection rebased and the current state of my Late Roman/Germanic Collection


I took a break from ACW to re-base my Saxon/Germanic army for use with skirmish and army based games like Impetus, TTS and the upcoming Midguard rules by James Morris.

Why did I do this when I already had sabot bases for the figures you may ask? Well after seeing James Morris units on what I would call movement bases for individual figures rather then sabots I loved the look and flexibility as the figures could be moved around on the base rather then in a fixed sabot. With that in mind I set to work on my re-basing project to movement bases!


This flexibility allows me to make a unit a heavy or light one by removing or adding figures that does not leave a hole like a sabot base does. Also I can move the figures closer or farther apart whenever I want without needing a different sabot base and of course I can place the figures closer together.


James used magnets which is useful, but this requires where the figures are to be free of basing material which I don't like as it looks too smooth compared to the edges and limiting. I decided to use blue tack to hold the figures in place and it works very well!

With this method I can use my figures for any system be it skirmish or army based as I'll just need the base size requirements.:-)

I made the movement bases 3cm high which allows me to handle the base and not the figures which is something I've really come to prefer these days.

Usually I find re-basing a chore, but this time I had quite some fun as I didn't need to hammer and cut rather just make the movement bases themselves and transfer them from the sabot bases to the movement trays.

Not content to stop there I also re-based my friend Nick's excellent Late Roman/Arthurian collection shown above that I luckily purchased from him. It did require more work as I needed to completely re-do his bases to match my own collection, but worth the effort!

Just to round things off I thought I would show my Foundry Late Roman collection shown above which is based for Impetus, but can also be used for TTS and Midguard as well. These are a mixture of both my own(lighter based) and Nicks Late Romans(that I got off him,darker based) although I need to re-do his bases to match mine as can be seen if you look close.

Oh one cannot forget casualty counters either as I really like having these. These are also a mix of my own and Nick's already with matching bases.

So am I done? The answer is no not even close as I plan to use these collections for small skirmish all the way up to very large battles with multiple players! I think we all have a little megalomania in us(even if it takes years to get there)!

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Miniature Company- Footsore, Gripping Beast, Westwind, Wargames Foundry 

Sunday, December 3, 2023

More Reb and Union artillery

Hello I'm back again with some more ACW. I needed some more artillery for both sides so I painted up some although these have been finished for a little while now in which time I've been tinkering away on other projects.

First up are some Rebel batteries from probably my favorite ACW range Redoubt miniatures as they pack a huge amount of character and flavor of the period. Anyhow lots of fun painting these up!

I'm really getting somewhere now with this project which always helps with the mojo! I plan on doing some command, cavalry, casualties and such next and then see where I am.

The union artillery I decided to try out the Perry plastic artillery set. As plastics goes it is pretty good set and while not as nice as the metals it gets the job done and still looks good.

Assembly went fine and parts seemed to fit pretty well which is important as I hate plastic assembly so I'm not turned off to doing more of these. Since the union has more artillery these sets will come in handy.

That's all for now, but I do have more stuff I've done just as ever haven't gotten around to posting yet! The future will see more ACW, ECW and perhaps a surprise project I've been thinking about. 

Thanks for viewing!

Miniature Companies- Redoubt, Perry miniatures

Tuesday, September 26, 2023

More Rebs for ACW


Continuing on with my ACW project in the form of some Rebel units. I'm actually starting to see some daylight on this project. Still have a way to go, but really feeling like I have made progress.

I hope everyone isn't getting tired of seeing ACW, but I'm trying to stay focused until I get this project to what I consider a playable stage. I have too many projects at the 75% stage, but not quite there and I don't want this too be another. I don't mean finished or everything I want just to a point where I can play  a couple different scenario's. I'm worried if I do something else it could be a long time before I come back so I want to avoid that. It's hard as so many things are tempting me!!

The figures are a mix of mostly Perry metal and plastics and a couple Sash and Saber Old Glory. Once again I prefer metal quite a bit more, but these plastics were pretty good once you got past the dreaded assembly part. 

I'm not sure how others paint their Rebs, but I really like to play up the ragged multi uniformed, whatever I can get my hands on type of look. I know many units managed to keep somewhat of a semblence of uniformity, but I always prefer the more chaotic look. To achieve this the paints I used were the usual Foundry and Vallejo paints.

Hopefully I'll have some more units to show soonish. I think I have enough infantry for now so I'll switch and add some more artillery next.

Thanks for viewing!

Miniature Company- Perry, Sash and Saber

Wednesday, September 13, 2023


I've been gone for a bit, but that's how social media works for me it seems. I have been painting so do have a back log of things to show. Here are a few more union units to show.

I'm actually starting to get somewhere with this project.  I've got about 12 union infantry units and almost ready to add some more reb infantry that will give me around the same number. So with a few more artillery to add to the few I have and some cavalry I'll be ready to start playing scenario's which will be nice!

The figures are all Perry/Foundry and are a mix of some metal and mostly plastic. As a rule I prefer metal, but these plastics painted up pretty decent plus they do help fill out the ranks cheaper. My collection will stay mostly metal, but I will supplement some plastics like these.

The colors I used were mostly Foundry which are my favorite paints plus Vallejo which are also quite nice.

Next up will probably be the rebel infantry I'm working on and then see what happens. Oh I was thinking about cleaning my blog up as it has some projects I no longer do or pictures that are really out of date. This is a pretty old blog so there has been changes along the way.

Thanks for viewing!
Miniature Company- Perry Miniatures, Wargames Foundry

Monday, May 1, 2023

French and Indian Wars game

I had Nick over for a game of Sharp Practice 2 set in the French and Indian War. It was the first time I got the collection on the table for a game and I was pretty chuffed! The reason it took so long was because I wanted to have enough figures for both sides and I also didn't like how the rules for Indians were written in the lists in which they acted like little more then mobile assualt groups. The problem was solved in Lard Magazine 2022 in which the Indians were given an alternative way to be fielded that is much more in line with how I perceived they fought which was small groups sniping the enemy followed by hit and run attacks while trying to preserve their warriors. Basically the blue print for light infantry.

The pictures were taken from my phone so not of the best quality, but does give you an idea of the game. Maybe one day I'll sit down and make a proper lighted photo shoot of the figures in action, but I'm a lazy photographer when it comes around to taking pictures which is why my postings lag behind in my hobby works.

Nick played the French and I played the British colonials. There were no regular troops and was fought by regional troops, like marines, rangers, conscrips, volunteers, militia and Indians. The game was a learning curve as the period really forces you to make decisions about keeping your troops in formation for easier control and massed volleys or breaking them up into groups to avoid being out flanked. It was great fun! 

I'm now full of inspiration to paint up more for the period to include figures and terrain!

I'm looking forward to the next game of French and Indian wars, but I do need more trees even though I have a lot, but not quite enough it seems!

Thanks for viewing!