Sunday, January 12, 2020

Return of the Green Devil Fallschirmjäger project

I've re-fired up my Fallschirmjäger Green Devils for Normandy project for future CoC games. I started this project along time ago for Disposable Hero's, but stopped as 28mm WWII gaming hit a lull. Then a few years later WWII 28mm gaming picked up again with Bolt Action followed by CoC, but by that time my friend Nick was already doing Fallschirmjäger so I decided instead to concentrate on my US Airborne as opposition. Well I finished most my Airborne with just a few odds and ends to do so decided to rekindle the Fallschirmjäger project. This partly is because nobody in my club has them or for Big CoC with a large FJ force, but mostly because I just really have always liked them and want to have my own force of them.

I kind of forgot what a painting challenge late war Fallschirmjäger can be! They kind of have a little of everything with different colored smocks to include the early version, later Sumpmuster and Splinter camo plus various different shades of pants helmets and gear One thing for sure they are not boring! Even using some AP does not speed up the process much because you still have to go back and add all the detail and highlights(well I do) but it does give a nice protective coating at least. While they take along time to paint the result is worth it, but might slow my production down for the challenge, but I'll still push to make my set point goal.

I painted these using Vallejo paints and some Mig pigments for the base. While I prefer Foundry paints for Horse and Musket periods and earlier I find for later periods that Vallejo works the best.  I went with Artizan and Crusader Fallschirmjäger as I really enjoy painting those figures, but will add some Warlord here and there to help fill in holes later.

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Miniature Company- Artizan, Crusader

Monday, January 6, 2020

Iron Marshal Devout

Beginning my 9th challenge starting with a Napoleonic figure after leaving the last challenge with a Napoleonic entry which is strange as I've only ever painted Napoleonic figures for theses submissions so far!

Louis- Nicolas Devout Duke of Auerstaedt, Prince of Eckmühl aka The Iron Marshal was a Marshal of the Empire during the Napoleonic period and was arguably Napoleons greatest general if you counted just wins and losses. Everyone has their favorites, but either way he would be recognized as being counted among the best by most historians.

Devout was not flamboyant in either dress or behavior and was a strict disciplinarian with both himself and his troops hence the Iron Marshal title, but this did makes his troops very reliable and as a consequence his troops were given some of the most difficult tasks which in virtually every case were performed above what is normally expected . Thanks to his tactical expertise and his disciplined formations Devout only lost one battle and thus will go into history as a feared and respected adversary.

I'm not exactly sure where I got this miniature, but I think it was special figure for an event I attended(Tactica?) and was done by one of the Perry's I think. If someone knows the background  information on this miniature as to who made it please feel free to mention this in the comments. I painted the miniature using mostly Foundry colors with some Vallejo as well plus my trusty Mig pigments on the base.

Perhaps I'll do some more Napoleonic material in the future as the mood strikes.

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Miniature Company- Perry miniatures?


Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Old Mill / Farmhouse and Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge

Blowing the dust off the blog before the year ends with a terrain piece I painted up because it's time I posted something and more importantly because the yearly Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge is ready to start here on the 20th of December and lasts until mid March or so.

The challenge always helps me get back into the painting chair and it's a tradition I've been involved with since the 2nd iteration when it became an open event. We are now going on the 10th edition so pretty impressive run Curt has managed to keep going! With this 10th edition Curt decided to put together a special challenge where the competitors will be traveling to a unusual and fascinating kind of island so I highly recommend visiting the link I gave above for the details.

Another reason to get the blog going is the fact I need to start learning how to use my camera again which I still cannot properly use. Maybe one day I'll actually know how to use it!

The model is from Ziterdes terrain and supposed to be a mill if you add the water wheel it came with or can be used as a large farmhouse. It's made out of foam so is surprisingly very light for it's large size.

The building painted up nicely using a selection of my usual craft paints with a liberal amount of Mig pigments for some weathering. This example will work for most any European setting from the horse and musket period right up to modern day so a useful piece indeed. I think I may have some more of these buildings, but would need to check my inventory and if so will likely paint up some more.

As usual I have backlog of things to post that I'll try to add in between the material I post for the challenge, but the challenge will take priority so if not during the challenge then after. I hope everyone has enjoyed their year so far and thanks for your patience!

Merry Christmas!! May all your stocking be stuffed with plastic and lead!

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Miniature Company- Zitterdes terrain 

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Russian Napoleonic Officers

About a year ago I traded some miniatures for a large collection of Front Rank Napoleonic Russians and just finally got around to trying them out. I've never painted any Napoleonic miniatures before as the period was always pushed aside for other periods for a variety of reasons, but I've always liked the look of Front Rank Napoleonic figures and thought it would be nice to try some someday.

I do not own any LOTR miniatures for Curt's Fellowship entry fee for the AHPC, but I knew Curt was a fan of the Napoleonic period so I sent him an e-mail asking if he would accept some Napoleonic figures instead and he happily said that would be fine. Now to my shame I didn't send him a figure last year because I forgot due to other distractions(weak excuse I know) so instead of doing one figure I did two to make up for that shortcoming.

Full disclosure I've never delved into Napoleonics generally preferring the North American period, but was always curious. So how did painting my first set of Napoleonic Front Rank figures go......I enjoyed it! I think a great deal of that has to do with the sculpting style of the figure itself which made it a pleasurable experience. Also, they do look rather eye catching with all the braid work and sashes. I feel because the sculpting was so nice it made that fun to do whereas anything less well sculpted would have turned it into a chore.

So am I now going to turn out hundreds of Napoleonic figures and plunge head first into the great black hole of Napoleonics you may ask. That's hard to say as I'm a horrible butterfly making any kind of prediction difficult to say the least so for now I'll just say I'll paint some more as I both enjoyed the experience and really like how they look and see where it goes.

Since I'm  new to painting Napoleonics I had to decide on the approach I'll take in that will I worry about getting everything right or paint things how I prefer them to look while retaining the impression of the period. Well since I take liberties in almost everything I do I won't make an exception with Napoleonics and will continue to paint things in the impression I want while still retaining a legitimate period feel. If it's accurate then that's great, but if not then that's also fine as long as I'm happy with the final look which is what is important with our personal figures.

Napoleonics has a lot of white and if you have too much bright white imho it can overpower things so I decided a more subdued white was the order of the day. I've seen Russian uniform coats painted in a a dark green almost black and others medium bright which neither work for me so I went for what I feel is a medium dark green and liked how it turned out.

Hmm.... what next to do....more Russians, Texas War of Independence or perhaps something ancient ....I'm curious to find out what I'll do.

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Miniature Company- Front Rank

Thursday, February 28, 2019

US Airborne 57mm Anti-Tank Gun

Just finished a US Airborne 57mm gun to beef up their anti tank capabilities. Bazooka's are pretty effective, but lack the punch at longer ranges so enter the 57mm which is both more powerful and gives a longer reach.

I really enjoy painting Artizan figures with the raised detail and characterful posing so I plan to add even more to my collection.

I painted them using mostly Vallejo paints and some Foundry with MIG pigments added to the undercarriage and gun shield. I had to create my own slots on the base for the crew which I think worked out well.

I plan on adding more forces for my Normandy collection which is filling out quite nicely and in fact I've started to think of other theaters within Europe so looking to go to Italy next.

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Miniature Company- Artizan Designs

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Weathered Boarded House

The weathered boarded house from Hovels terrain is a nice little piece made out of resin that I had for awhile in my to do closet. I first tried an airbrush on it, but didn't like the result and decided to completely redo the house using my tried and true method using craft paints and mig pigments.

I really have always liked Hovel terrain pieces as I find they contain a lot of character and are great value for money. Strangely it's imperfections is where the appeal comes from. I still have several more in the line up that I hope to get to at some point.

It's a very useful piece of terrain that can be used for multiple periods in particular North America where a good portion of my projects take place.

Hopefully I'm able to keep on track producing terrain this year as would really like to add quite a few more features for future games as I feel I'm falling behind in this aspect.

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Miniature Company- Hovels

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Gone to Texas

While the Texas War of Independence from Mexico did inspire many Texans and those that travel to Texas to fight for the cause there were others who went for adventure and yes profit and this is one of those individuals.

The Texas War of Independence or Revolution if you prefer was fought from Oct 2 1835 to April 21 1836 between the American/Texan colonists, Tanjanos (Mexican  Texans) allies and Volunteers from the US against the Mexican Government led by President Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna because they felt their rights were being taken away. After defeating the small Mexican garrisons in Texas the colonists declared the Republic of Texas to be born. This resulted in Santa Anna marching with an army to reclaim Texas with victories at Gollad and the famous battle of the Alamo before eventually being defeated by Sam Houston's newly trained Texan army at the battle of San Jacinto. While the Mexican army was forced to retreat behind the Rio Grande they never recognized the Republic of Texas and continued a slow burn conflict until the US Annexed Texas in 1845 which led directly to the Mexican - American war resulting in Mexico's defeat and end to Mexico's bid to reclaim Texas.

I've always been interested in the Texas War of Independence since I was a kid really from watching John Wayne's Alamo version(still think it's the best) and always thought it would be nice to do the period, but just didn't like any figures for it until I discovered Boot Hill miniatures and was blown away and knew I had to collect them! The figures just ooze character!  I now already have a box full of these wonderful figures in my lead pile just waiting for me to really fully commit to them, but right now I have other projects that first need attention. However, this will give a small sample of what is to come for those that are interested.

What is also great about this period is it's perfect for Sharpes Practice which I'll be modeling my forces for. It will work great for skirmishes due to the small size of the forces involved. However, I might need to create my own lists as there isn't any for it just yet.

I mostly painted the figures using Foundry paints and some Vallejo and were a pleasure to paint. While it's tiring for my old eyes I did some black lining on this figure as the range are very well suited for that and I wanted to bring out more of the character in these figures.

Still working with my camara to get the pictures to come out the way I want them, but with everything it just takes trial and error I suppose and in the case of me with tech stuff even longer.

Thanks for viewing!
Miniature Company- Boot Hill Miniatures