Saturday, September 24, 2011


Sorry about the lack of posts recently, but I was at a tournament in France and when I got home I got the phone call everyone dreads and heard that my loving and kind father who I loved very much had unexpectedly passed away which pretty much left me shattered for a few days. I've managed to start keeping myself busy in order to stop myself sinking into a black hole of depression. I can't paint yet, but I have started work on my hobby room which is busy work that's helps me not to think too much. I know the grief will lessen in time, but will never completely go away. I'll miss him very much.
I thought I would show the mess that is my hobby room to show you I'll have plenty to do with cleaning up, replacing shelves, new lighting and repainting walls. I'll take some more pictures when I'm done.
I also have some pics of the event in France and will post them tonight or in the next day or two.