Monday, October 31, 2011

Arab Lancers

Sorry about the repeated post on this, but I was having some troubles posting it in correctly.
My first Impetus base finished! I mentioned awhile back that I would be doing a Saladin Ayyubid dynasty army for Impetus and here is my first unit. Sometimes I mention doing projects, but then don't get back to them for a bit and this is one of them.
This unit represents Kurdish, Berber or Syrian Lancers that I group into Arabs for ease of reference. I really enjoyed painting this unit as I got a chance to explore color and look forward to doing some more. The miniatures are 15mm Legio Historica and are really fantastic sculpts and have quite a bit detail that really adds to the painting time, but is worth it in my opinion.
I was going to go straight for a 300pts force, but changed my mind to a Basic Impetus army to start with because of less units to paint, quicker to start gaming our Crusades campaign at the club, and a loosely planned project with SG over at the super Conquering the Lead Mountain blog here. After having a BI force completed then I'll build the army further to 300pts, 400pts. etc for standard Impetus gaming.
Thanks for viewing!
Miniature Company- Legio Historica