Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Warbase Ruins

I did this a few months ago and now have finally got around to posting it. It's my first Warbase building here and I started with the ruin for some WWII terrain. It's intended for 28mm and is made from laser cut MDF board. The walls are too thin, but I added some extra details like the shingles and broken bricks to add some depth to it, so overall I'm reasonably happy with the result as it works on the table.

The advantage of MDF buildings are they are cheap, very easy to assemble, and can give the the base parts of a structure that you can add on to saving you time of having to cut out the dimensions yourself. Also, the little fiddly parts like windows and doors they sell are very useful time savers. The negative is the buildings can be a little flat and boxy and the walls too thin so will need some extra attention to "fill them out" so to speak.

My overall opinion is I prefer resin and foam card buildings, but I will use some more MDF buildings here and there as they are great time and money savers and do fit the part.

*edit*Apparently, I sounded a bit negative which a reader very kindly pointed out which wasn't my intent at all. I was only trying to give a balanced opinion of which I seemed to have failed miserably.  I am happy with the product and for sure will be building more and I do recommend them to readers for the positive aspects I mentioned! I do like how it turned out especially for such a low cost in both money and time! A real bonus folks!:-)

Thanks for viewing!:-)

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