Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Spanish Spearmen 2

Fresh off the painting table a second unit of Spanish Spearmen.  I can also field them as two separate units or as one large one as depicted here. That's enough heavy infantry for the moment, but I will add another large unit at a later date. Now it's on to some skirmishers to meet my prerequisites in unit choices. I'm feeling the squeeze as the game day is fast approaching so I'd better cross my fingers and knuckle down.

The flag is a bit bigger on this unit then the other one to show it's a command base and I added a Cantador(Bard) to inspire the men and to bolster their spirits.

Like the rest of the army ap was used with highlights added and all shields and banners are hand painted to keep the army theme. The colours I used were once again Foundry with some Vallejo.

Thanks for viewing!:-)
Miniature Company- Artizan, Crusader, Musketeer, Gripping Beast

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Spanish Spearmen 1

I'm back to expanding my El Cid Christian mercenary army. There are two reasons I've come back, the first being I've always intended to for quite awhile and the second reason is I've agreed to a Impetus demo with Sir Toby ( check out his great blog at ). The demo will be at an upcoming event in Ulm called  Attriticon in early May. If your able to attend please come and say hi or better yet join in!  I will be fielding my El Cid army and Toby the Andulsian Moors.

I'm pretty excited about meeting Toby for the first time and seeing his lovely Andulsians. I'm also looking forward to finding out how the armies will play out from the newly released lists in Impetus 5 which look to be very interesting indeed!  The new changes from the old beta lists look like they have really captured the feel.

For now at least I believe I have more then enough cavalry completed even for a Christian Spanish force so I decided to start on the infantry.  While infantry played a very junior role in Spanish armies of the time they did have some influence and so I decided they should be included in an army. I do not plan on having very many heavy infantry units, but I do feel a need for some to represent their use historically and also they are useful on a tactical level to keep the enemy occupied so the cavalry can do the real damage.

On the painting front I've continued with the a heavy Moorish influence mixed in with the Spanish feel as I did for the preceding cavalry units. I used ap with additional highlights added on the figures and hand painted all shields and banners to keep army theme going.

More infantry coming!

Thanks for viewing!:-)
Miniature Company- Artizan, Crusader, Musketeer, Gripping Beast