Monday, January 2, 2012

M4A1 Sherman Tank Platoon(76mm)

Starting off the New Year with "one" of my new projects a 15mm US Tank Company for FOW. These here featured are M4A1 Shermans with a larger 76mm main gun then standard M4's 75mm and were used to take on those feared Tigers and Panthers the Germans had at the time.

Unlike my troops I like my vehicles well and truly dirty and fully in the campaign look. I should say by dirty I mean lots of dust, rust, oil and damp earth, but not clumps of mud. In Europe they have this reddish clay that  I tried to represent and hopefully I succeeded to some extent.

Compared to painting my German tanks where you have to constantly check what your doing to make sure your camo looks right I found painting American tanks simply relaxing and

More stuff to come soon and yes folks I finally racked up some points on Curt's painting competition! Speaking of the competition I'm like the guy who shows up with a canoe at a speedboat race! The leaders miniature output is nothing less then blitz on a brush, but that's ok as I'm just really happy to be apart of something and enjoying seeing what everyone is doing. No question I'll do this as often as Curt runs it!
Thanks for viewing!
Miniature Company-Battlefront FOW