Sunday, February 22, 2015

Having problems with Mojo aka the dreaded painters block

Hi everyone just thought I throw out that I've been having issues with painters block for a few months that has progressively gotten worse. I think it has more to do with a lack of direction then it does with actually painting plus irritating low level flu's that keep cropping up, lack of energy and a stiff neck are not helping much either. This is effecting my painting output, blogging both writing and reading pretty dramatically. It's also come at the worst time right in the middle of the Analogue Painting challenge which I've been reduced to more of a spectator then participant.

The lack of direction is I can longer decide how to base my figures or in what scale to do them or what rules to play them for. I don't have this issue with strictly skirmish games like WWII etc. or F&IW etc., but rather large or army based games.

I'm trying to decide what periods I want to do in 28mm, 15mm and what I want to do in 10mm which I happen to think is great for mass battles and if I want to do a period in more then one scale.

For 28mm Ancients/Mediaevals I cannot decide if I want to have more figures per base giving a better visual, but extremely time consuming with a much higher probability of the project never getting finished or go with fewer figures per base which is less impressive visually, but greatly increases the chances of seeing the project completed. It looks like an easy answer and say go with the one you'll finish, but one must factor in you'll always wish it was bigger! F**king conundrum!!

Also with some of my 28mm I'm a bit tired of sabot basing which I don't like all that much, but find it necessary with some periods as doing the same period twice in 28mm is impossible for me, but I'm still not happy I'm pushed into a corner like that.

Oh now lets talk about a scale that has caught my eye which is 10mm which looks great for mass battle btw! However then in creeps the problem of number of figures per base and how big a base to use. A big base crammed full of figures looks the best, but costs more time in painting, money and more importantly flexibility in terms of gaming. Smaller bases look less impressive and are more time consuming to move, but are more flexible for gaming. So again what the heck to do!

15mm is flat out annoying to paint! You have to paint all the bells and whistles you do at 28mm, but just smaller so takes to much time for the effort and result. However, it is a very popular scale making getting games easier and has a very large selection of figures to choose from. Basing issues are just as much a pain as the other scales.

I'm not having these issues with 28mm ACW/AWI as those projects are so far along that those decisions have already been made and are pretty much set in stone, but sadly I'm just not in the mood for them right now.

With a dozen projects all wanting my attention, but with no real plan  has pretty much frozen my brush in place.

On the positive front I've lost none of my mojo for wargaming and enjoying myself quite a bit. I would say the biggest impact has been my introduction to Piquet's Field of Battle2 series which is awesome! I promptly ordered Field of Battle2 and Pulse of battle which I'll go into at a later date.

Well, I hope to make some decisions soon and get back on track and give all of you something to read.