Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bunker Hill full picture redoubt

This is the Bunker Hill redoubt and one of the three fletches I made for an up and coming event using the British Grenadier AWI rule set at next years TACTICA event in Hamberg where we will be putting on a demo of The Battle of Bunker Hill.
The redoubt is pretty simple as was the actual one on the day of the battle.I'm not even sure they reinforced it with planking,but I wasn't happy with just a simple earth embankment and so I took a bit of artistic license and added a very simple planking scheme to the walls of the redoubt.I added some of my miniatures to get a sense of scale and I think the size will work nicely with what we have in mind.
BTW this Bunker Hill is the actual model for the game and the other one in the diorama's is only a corner piece used for an advert.The background is largely for color as I'm putting the focus on the redoubt.