Thursday, April 19, 2012

Victorian Adventuress

I entered this Victorian Adventuress in Curt's painting challenge and haven't got around to posting it until now. I really did enjoy painting this as I like working in earth tones and neutral colours quite a bit. As a matter of fact I'll probably due a few more.

A friend of mine is running some Zulu stuff and at first I was going to do some Natal contingents and I still might, but I think I'll do some Boars (as in Dutch natives) first as I really like their look.

When I do the Boars I can't really say as my schedule is pretty full for the summer which leads me into my next topic. I have some painting projects that really do need to get done and so I won't be able to follow blogs as closely as I usually do, but I will do my best for sure. For example I spend about 70% of my free time on blogs and forums and 30% at the painting table which doesn't help productivity very much. I need to at least change that to about 60% to 70% at the painting table and the rest on blogs and forums. So please understand if I miss a post or two I'm not ignoring you and will get back to you as soon as I reasonably can. By this I mean I'll read as often as I can, but commenting might prove difficult. I figure after September things will loosen up for me where I can go to about 50/50. Thanks for following my blog and understanding my situation and I'll do my best to support yours within my time allowance!