Friday, September 11, 2009

Dismounted Norman Knights

Here are some more Normans from my picture files.Again,like I will do with this entire army I'm using the quicker black shade method as described under Norman knights.These knights decided to fight dismounted which was uncommon for Norman knights but did happen.Next up are some Norman heavy infantry.
Miniature Company:Old Glory


  1. I am loving your Normans! I am very tempted to start a 15mm project. Darn it.

    Would you say the paint up easily with all their silver bits and pieces?

  2. Thank you!They paint up very fast if you use the black shade method I described.However,if you use transfers,and banners(lots like me)then that takes time as I needed to paint the outlines of the banners to avoid a white line and re-painted some of the shields.

  3. Great work, this method is fantastic. Some time i have used it with 28mm too.

    A great army, I would use it for display too.

  4. Thank you!I appreciate it.I wouldn't use the method at 25mm as it shows too much,but I think it works great at 15mm.
    A good way for me to compare is my Vikings at 15mm looks better close up then my Normans here,because I painted them normally.However it also took me a great deal longer to do it and when looking at my Normans and Vikings on the table you really can't tell the difference.All in all at 15mm I think black shade is a better method as it still looks nice and gets armies on the table in a quick manner.This is very nice as it then leaves me time to put the real work in my 25/28mm miniatures where it is worth the effort.

  5. I think I am unfit for this technique. I am to impatient to wait till the mini is done and feel good with the result from a distance. I evaluate my miniatures too much when I am painting them and that is when one is the closest to them. Well, I was thinking of painting a 15mm army using the washes by GW... Dunno yet. And I still have to decide between Normans and Arabs.

  6. I understand as I'm very picky about my miniatures as well,but this method pays off in the end.This method is for getting armies on the table quickly and still looking decent,but is not for display or close inspection.However,when viewed on the gaming table I've been quite pleased with the appearance and can look very striking with the heavy contrast between the black and the color.
    I'd suggest try it out first.You won't be pleased while your painting it,because you'll think your not covering enough,but when you step back then you'll see that actually it looks good.
    Please remember this method is only for small scale at 15mm or less.When it's bigger then the black shows too much and it just looks like you forgot to paint everything.
    I think you will find it very pleasing in getting some armies painted up quick and ready to play.
    I like it also in that it gives me a break from the careful work I do at 25mm and offers a chance to "loosen up" for a little bit and still get something done.
    You can try washes,but over the years I've come to dislike them more and more,but a lot of people like them so you can try it out.
    Please remember I painted my 15mm Vikings and Panzerkompanie using my normal painting style of painting and highlighting everything,but this takes a lot of time.I only offered the black shade method as an alternative to save time and still have a decent looking army.:-)

  7. That's the thing. You army looks a lot more that decent. I really really like them... I just know me and my silly ways. Still, you've convinced me. I'll give it a try when I've decided what to buy and play. :)

  8. I wish you luck and post your results.:-)

    Your Trojans btw look absolutely great!

  9. Me thinks you confuse me with someone else. I've never owned a Trojan Miniature in my life. :) I'm Phobos from Sweetwater.

  10. Oooops!Sorry I mean your Naps are really great!I just got through looking at some Trojans and for some reason that was stuck in my head.I know you from sweetwater.I just got my wires crossed.(LoL!)If I remember correctly you did a very nice weathering on your British Naps.
    You should start a blog yourself,as I'd like to follow your work which is very nice indeed.

  11. Oh, the Naps. Thank you. :) Such compliments mean a lot coming from people whose work I admire. Even though AWI interests me very little, your collection always captures me. So, truly appreciate your words.

    I am considering a blog. I am just so slow. By the time there will be an update, people will have forgotten me. :) What the hey... I'll do it this weekend. :)

  12. Thank you very much for your kind words.I'll be sure to follow your miniature blog.

  13. Well, your words were the push I needed...




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