Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Strathbogie Regiment 1645

Marching under the banner of "For God The King Against All traitors" over and "God Save The King" under comes Lord Huntley's Strathbogie Scots Royalist regiment supporting Montrose fight for the king's cause in Scotland during the ECW.

The regiment was very well equipped if not the best equipped in Montrose's army and for the most part fought very well for him. Most wear a typical Hodden grey and blue caps, but as always I took some liberties and mixed up their look a bit to fit the overall theme of my Montrose army which which is to say it's more of an all rounder in that I intend to use the army as both a Scots Montrose army and a northern English army like those that fought at Marston Moor. With this in mind I kept the tartan to just a few figures to give the proper impression and the patterns basic to give the Scottish feel, but not so much so that I couldn't use them as English in a pinch in other games.

The figures are a mix of Bicorne and Renegade which I prefer for this period. The lovely flag is from Flags of War. Painting was done using AP and some highlights added. It seems Renegade has temporarily closed their Web Site which I hope does not become permanent as I really like their figures.

Thanks for viewing!:-)