Sunday, January 31, 2010


I've had these reinforcements finished for a little while for my German Panzerkompanie,but just haven't got around to posting them.The pictures came out a bit darker then I would have liked,but the tanks are painted pretty dark anyways.Unlike the figures,I like my vehicles to look beat up as if they have seen quite a lot of combat.Again,I didn't use an airbrush and choose to use a dry brush and blending style to achieve my look.

First two are a Sd Kfz 9 Recovery vehicle and Kfz Field car.I didn't add much battle damage to these guys as I viewed them more in the support role and not on the front lines.

Next three we have Sd Kfz 7/1 Armored anti-air support.These guys are essential to protecting your Panzers as allied air can punish you remorsefully if you don't.I really like the look of the quad barrels on these vehicles with the mounted crew.

The Last seven are panzer IV's and were the most difficult to paint and assemble.The shurzen skirts are real pain to put on,but really look great when finished.They also allow you some freedom to really do your own conversion work.
Next up for the panzerkompanie will be......Panthers!