Thursday, December 26, 2013

Saxon Gedriht #1

Ok folks now we are on to the tough guys in my army. The elite troops known as Gedriht which is a mix of the warlords family, household guards and professional warriors who have the best equipment in the army. These figures like all my Saxons up to now are from the superb Musketeer miniatures range. These guys are what attracted me into collecting Early Saxons in the first place and once I saw them I knew I would have to have them as they looked hard as rocks and frankly quite fearsome. The shields are LBM with a liberal dash of MIG pigments to get that worn and used effect.

I'm starting to see the end of the tunnel for my starting Saxon army for Dux B. without needing to do any proxies. Just another unit of Gedriht and re-basing some archers then the finish line. Of course I'll end up adding more, but I'll have achieved my first goal which is something rare for me.

Thanks for Viewing!
Miniature Company-Musketeer Miniatures

 Oh and for Christmas I got a Kindle Fire HDX so I can lie on the coach and read all my digital wargames subscriptions!