Sunday, October 21, 2012

Some more Fallschirmjäger

Operation Squad is running very hot these days within my gaming circle(I'll give a review of the rules one day time permitting). In summation we love the rules!!
I noticed that I had too few Fallschirmjäger to play them properly the way I wanted so I've painted up a few more.
What I had forgotten was how darn hard they are to paint with several hours at least for each figure! However, I'm pleased with results and looking forward to adding them in my next game.
All are armed with Kar98's and in jump uniform.

From left to right:
FJ in Sumpmuster 44' smock, FJ in Sumpmuster 43' smock, FJ in Splinter smock
Miniature Company-Artizan
Thanks for viewing!:-)