Sunday, September 27, 2015

Iron Brigade(15mm)

I finished this unit a couple months ago and now have finally got around to posting them. They are part of the famous Iron Brigade easily identifiable by their frock coats and tall Hardee hats. They were arguably the best brigade in the union army in the east and maybe even the west until Gettysburg were they suffered catastrophic losses in this battle losing most of their mid western veterans that were later replaced by able, but not quite as good replacements. By proportion the Iron Brigade suffered the most losses of any brigade in the war. The brigade was so tough rebels were recorded as saying something to the effect of "Here comes those damn black hats again!" as they new they were in for a brawl. I like the brigade so much the 28mm version I painted awhile back is my blog header.:-)

I still have a backlog of ACW to go through so more on the way eventually.

Thanks for viewing.:-)
Miniature Company-Old Glory 15's