Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Japanese scout surveying the land

An interesting thing about this scout is his grass/reed camouflage jacket.These were often used as a "raincoat" by Japanese fishermen and farmers,but was taken and used by the military for it's camouflage potential.
Miniature Company-The Assault Group

Japanese scout taking a quick glance

An interesting note Japanese scouts is the often also acted in the role of snipers,but how the Japanese employed them tactically was different from their western counterparts.The Japanese when acting in the role of snipers were a form of rearguard were their primarily mission was to slow the advance of the enemy until eliminated, while western snipers often acted as hunters of a sort with mission objectives of hit and run with a get in and get out plan of action .
Miniature Company-The Assault Group

Japanese scout in the bush

Continuing on with the Japanese for the moment.So far,it's been fun experimenting with them as it's something different.I hope it's proving enjoying for some to see.I've now tried a darker green shirt and pants for a different combination and will continue to mix up the lighter and darker styles together.
Miniature Company-The Assault Group.