Sunday, April 27, 2014

In case you were wondering

Since all my non-battle posts have only featured Americans so far I thought some might be wondering if I have British troops for my AWI collection the answer is indeed I do.:-) As a matter of fact I have more British then I do Americans and this is the reason for the concentration on painting Americans, and I also like painting Hunting shirts and militia. :-).

The British featured here are not painted by myself, but rather figures I bought already finished. They were painted nice and cleanly and I got them for a great price so I was very pleased.  However, I did have to do some touch ups on the paint jobs and paint out all the eyes as they had a Marty Feldman "bug eyed" look. I personally stopped painting eyes on my own figures years ago as it's totally unnecessary IMHO at 28mm, and realistically you would not see them, plus you have to paint them perfect on each one or it will actually detract instead of improve a good paint job. They were also based singly so I had to pop them off and re-base them onto my standard multi-base stands for my collection.

The figures are mostly Front Rank and not very good in terms of sculpting , but in defence of Front Rank which I happen to really like btw these are some of their older sculpts. Currently in other ranges they are producing some of the best figures on the market so I really hope they go back and redo their 28mm AWI range as I'd be buyer! One unit I have no idea the manufacturer(Hinchcliffe?), but these too are not to my taste. Anyhow, like I said they were all cleanly painted and a great price so I'm not complaining as they look just fine on the battlefield!:-)

This pretty much covers my regular and light British regiments for now, but I need to add some Grenadiers, Artillery, Commanders, Loyalist units, and some German allies yet. So plenty for me to personally paint up for the crowns forces.

Thanks for viewing!:-)
Miniature Company- Front Rank, Unknown?