Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Baggage and pack horses

A selection of baggage elements has been on my to do list for quite some time as they are very useful for a variety of skirmish scenario's and scene fillers for larger games plus I really like the "extras" that various manufacturer's make as they add life and character to games.

This set is from Gripping Beast and was fun to do albeit time consuming. The reason is mainly the wood which I paint individually and construes a large portion of the miniatures, but I feel it's worth it as I prefer the controlled effect rather then a quicker dry brush for example. The horse sculpts were also a bit different then I'm used to as they had hair modeled on the coat so it took a slightly different approach to get the look I generally like.

Since the baggage carts and pack horses can be used for multiple periods I decided to base the peasants individually so they could be traded out for other handlers when needed.

The peasants were painted in a pretty low key color scheme as they didn't looked to be wealthy, but I wouldn't say they were dirt poor so I did add a little bit of color.

Well I'm really having fun with Dark Age figures right now, but I do have some terrain that is demanding attention. I vastly prefer painting figures, but terrain is very important so hopefully I can get some done!

I've been looking into getting a new camera recently as I want to expand my photography portfolio beyond the photobox. It's an area I need to do some work on and learn some new techniques. The camera I have is quite old and does a good job with close shots under good lighting conditions, but suffers when trying to do large shots like gaming tables, army presentation pictures and is very poor in low light or uneven light situations. I still haven't decided what camera to get yet as the selection is huge, but I think I'm leaning towards one with interchangeable lens capability, but with that generally comes a price increase and is a bit less easy to use then an all purpose camera.

Thanks for viewing!
Miniature Company- Gripping Beast