Monday, October 31, 2011

Arab Lancers

Sorry about the repeated post on this, but I was having some troubles posting it in correctly.
My first Impetus base finished! I mentioned awhile back that I would be doing a Saladin Ayyubid dynasty army for Impetus and here is my first unit. Sometimes I mention doing projects, but then don't get back to them for a bit and this is one of them.
This unit represents Kurdish, Berber or Syrian Lancers that I group into Arabs for ease of reference. I really enjoyed painting this unit as I got a chance to explore color and look forward to doing some more. The miniatures are 15mm Legio Historica and are really fantastic sculpts and have quite a bit detail that really adds to the painting time, but is worth it in my opinion.
I was going to go straight for a 300pts force, but changed my mind to a Basic Impetus army to start with because of less units to paint, quicker to start gaming our Crusades campaign at the club, and a loosely planned project with SG over at the super Conquering the Lead Mountain blog here. After having a BI force completed then I'll build the army further to 300pts, 400pts. etc for standard Impetus gaming.
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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Shimazu Samurai

I've been contemplating doing Samurai for many years, but haven't started them due to not having the right rule sets or lists, intimidation of painting them and just not finding the clan that really nailed it for me completely. All that has changed now with Impetus which I believe is a perfect rule set for Samurai and the Shimazu clan that totally fits the bill for me. As to painting intimidation I've decided just paint them and see how it goes instead of worrying about it all the time.
Recently I've seen fantastic Samurai armies coming from folks like Saxon Dog, Fig Man 1, Hetairoi Wargames and perusing the awesome pics on the Perry site again has really restarted my imagination for the period.
I'm not saying I'll be starting them immediately, but they have moved up on my to do list into the top 3 with ACW and Arabs. Since I don't have a imminent project due I'll likely be jumping around mostly between these three projects for the foreseeable future with a few things else here and there. 
Why choose the Shimazu clan? The reason is I really like their background as an underdog clan that is tough as old boots. While they are not a tiny clan or even what I'd term small, they are also not what I'd call a super huge clan either and this really appealed to me as I like the smaller or less well known clans more then the really big well known powerful ones. The clan will include allies from the Arima clan which is a small clan they teamed up with to defeat another larger clan. The colours and mons from these clans I also like. Some good information on them can be found here:
It will mainly be under the leadership of Shimazu Yoshihisaand and his very capable brothers
The picture featured above isn't the Shimazu clan, but is a picture I like and so I featured it.

Friday, October 14, 2011

1st North Carolina Militia

This unit has been sitting on my desk well over half done for quite along time and I felt I should finish them up and set them in my cabinet where they belong and so I did.
This is my impression of the 1st North Carolina Militia  although they actually probably looked a bit more shabby then this as I perhaps have too many uniformed soldiers in the line and their clothes are in relatively good shape and not ragged which they likely were.
Information on these units is pretty sketchy to say the least and so I'll just give a general background. Excepting one North Carolina militia which held it's ground at Camden all the rest ran away with many not even firing a shot in anger and so General Greene was hoping to get a bit more from them at Guilford Courthouse and he did. They actually managed some sniping and even a volley which did inflict casualties on the British before throwing down their equipment and running. Since Greene really didn't expect more from them and they did inflict some damage he was content if not happy with their performance.
As to the painting I've continued on with the muddy theme as with the previous units and mixed up military and civilian equipment using mainly Foundry colors. Since I didn't have the time to make a flag or order one I used the free online flag's from in which he has done a fine job, but it seems my printer needs more ink as mine came out a bit faded. Giles also did one of his militia standard bearers getting shot before I did which I think lends itself naturally to this figure and something I kept in mind.
As you can see these are done using black lining and all eyes painted in which I seldom do these days any more as it's extremely time consuming and so I'm not sure if I'll continue to do that on my next AWI unit, but since the rest of the army is that way I'm not sure if it will look right if I don't. Just need to chew it over for a bit. The next AWI unit I'll do will probably be Continentals, but as to when I cannot say just yet.
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Friday, October 7, 2011

Wainwright Battery #1 I Corps

I'm modelling my armies under the command structure at Gettysburg for both sides. This is my first artillery piece for the period and is a 3" rifled parrott gun.Information on each battery under General Wainwright at the time of Gettysburg is a bit sketchy except for perhaps Lt. Greenleaf T. Stevens and so I'll just number them battery #1, #2 etc. for ease.
Wainwright was commissioned a major in the 1st New York Artillery on October 17, 1861 and rose quickly through the ranks.
He was chief of artillery of I Corps at the Battle of Chancellorsville and Gettysburg where he helped repulse the Confederate attacks on Cemetery Hill and exchanged volleys with confederate artillery prior to Pickett's charge.
In 1864 he became chief of artillery of V Corps and also attained the rank of Brevet General which he held until the end of the war.
He was an author as well writing "A Diary of Battle: The Personal Journals of Colonel Charles S. Wainwright, 1861–1865" where he discussed his opinions on various generals he served under and experiences he had to include engagements and how to use artillery.
I was pretty keen to try out the new Foundry ACW paints, but didn't want to do a whole regiment before trying it out and so opted for an artillery piece as a test run. The Union Blue does come out authentically dark, but I'm undecided if it's perhaps too dark as I prefer a bit of a zing to my miniatures. The Union Blue Trousers came out great and so no need for a second thought on that. I'm looking forward to see if the confederate colors work out just as good. For the cannon body I tried Foundry's French Gun Olive Green and thought it too bright and so instead went with French Dragoon Green which I quite like.
Next up Iron Brigade!
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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Progress on my hobby room

Here it is so far!
I've just put in some new display cabinets and shelves . The floors have been scrubbed to almost new and the walls and ceiling are also repainted.
One of the shelves backboard you may have noticed is missing and that was because it arrived torn and so I'm waiting on the replacement.

I've also put in some new overhead lighting that has really brightened up the room.

I also completely reorganized a large storage cabinet with extra shelves. It's a closed cabinet for items I don't wish to be seen as it's largely modelling supplies and bits and bobs.

As you can see the walls(especially the wall behind my photography table) need some adornment  and so I just ordered some military scenic prints  to spruce up the walls a bit in order to give it a better gamer/history buff feel to the room in addition to the miniatures and books.

I have a bathroom attached to the room where I still need to buy a closed door shelf for it and some new towels and such.
Next large project for the room is putting in a custom games table with closed doors for storage underneath instead of the folding tables I'm currently using. I'll probably do this in November or December I figure.
So far I'm very happy with the room and feeling pretty excited as it's nearing completion.:-)