Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Rising Sun

As you can see one of my upcoming projects will be Japanese related.I plan on doing the Japanese in WWII with an idea of basing them off the "Teishin Shudan" which were Japanese paratroopers.It's a rough outline and I need to do more research first before anything is completely decided.The time period will take place during and after the Philippines campaign where their uniform was basically the same as other Japanese infantry as they already discarded the paratroop look as their role became more as elite light infantry then as para's.
Some may be asking why Japanese WWII and the answer is threefold.The first is due to Helen Bachaus( WWII Japanese which got my attention to this not often seen troop type.Some helpful hints would be nice Helen.:-) The second is the HBO series The Pacific which did a fine job of portraying the gritty reality of combat in this theater.Last but not least is TAG's offer of free miniatures to painters who will paint up some TAG miniatures and send the photo's in.With all three of these factors I just couldn't resist.As if that's hard to do.
For those following the German Fallschirmjäger in 28mm this is not a replacement project,but rather in addition to.I'm currently painting 15mm Fallschirnjäger while I'm waiting for ANGRIFF which is a DH supplement to figure out the platoon organization before continuing one with Fallschirmjäger in 28mm.Basically,just a short pause.The Japanese project will start small and I'll see how it goes if I want it to grow into something larger.