Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hamarolf "The Battler" and Nothhelm "The Old"

I've began painting my Early Saxon warband for Dux Britanniarum. I normally like to paint normal warriors/troops first to get my feet wet, but in this case I thought it best to start with the characters first and then their followers later.

The figures are Aella and Bannerman from Musketeer miniatures here which I have re-named for use in my warband. Not only are the sculpts superb, but Bill sculpts his figures with the painter in mind leaving access to detail not to arduous to reach which translates into an absolute pleasure to paint! I highly recommend the figures in all respects!! The shield decal and lovely banner are from LBM here. The dirty effect on the shield and rocks was MIG pigments here which I also highly recommend.

I decided to paint up my early Saxons in a more all around Germanic/Nordic looking force so I could use them as Goths, Saxons, Visigoths etc. and even fill the ranks of  my Viking army when needed as they do look similar so decided on larger shields to enable this to happen instead of the small distinctive buckler often associated with early Saxons.

First up is Hamarolf "The Battler" who is currently a cash strapped minor Saxon Lord from a small village in northern Germany and born the a son of a peasant and  the leader of my early Saxon warband. He is aged just 21 with a wife Ælfwynn and daughter Ælfflaed. A Master of Arms who has a talent with a blade rose from obscurity when as a young boy he took on 3 older boys who were mocking him after seeing him pretend to fight imaginary enemies. Enraged by the taunting Hamarolf charged and initially he got the better of them by surprising them with his speed of attack, but eventually their numbers and size began to tell and forced him on the defensive with his back to a tree. Before he was beaten senseless Nothhelm "The Old" stepped in and knocked a few heads together dispersing the fight. Impressed with Hamarolf's spirit Nothhelm took him under his wing and began to teach him how to fight both with his hands and weapons.

Hamarolf proved to be a very apt pupil indeed and within a few years exceeded his teacher in skill of arms. He soon began to build a reputation as a fierce and capable fighter sought after be many a raiding crew. When he was 19 he searched for the 3 boys who had mocked him as a young boy and beat each within a hair's breath of their lives as he had never forgotten the incident. For the next two years Hamarolf joined more raiding parties where he earned the respect of other warriors until many began to join whatever raid Hamarolf went on. Ironically this included the 3 boys now grown warriors who taunted him as a youth.

Saving all the coin he could Hamarolf had the shipwright's build him a few ships and gathered together all the warriors who decided to throw their lot in with him and set sail for the island across the channel to carve out a kingdom for himself.

The stage is set.
Hamarolf "The Battler"

Next is Nothhelm "The Old" mentor and now Bannerman to Hamarolf. Prematurely grey at 33 is what gave him his nickname, but he is anything but old as many an opponent have quickly learned to their regret. Another trait Nothhelm has is that he is also well known for being able to drink anyone under the table due to his iron liver.

Like Hamarolf he is the son of a peasant who has made a living by hiring out his sword to whatever raider crew needed one or lord looking for a strong arm. He has no family other then Hamarolf who he views almost like a son.

Nothhelm has no interest in leading a warband of his own as that might cut into his drinking time and other such activities, but has always searched for a leader that he could truly follow. After just a few short years of teaching Hamarolf the art of raiding and warfare he saw in this young warrior someone who just might fit the bill and since then has not only followed him, but carries his banner such is the respect he now has for Hamarolf.

Nothhelm "The Old"

The figures are mounted on 25mm metal washers which enables me to sabot them onto Big Man bases for Dux Britanniarum as seen above and on multiple bases for when joining group units and Impetus/Dux Bellorum basing as shown below. They will be magnetized onto magnetic sheets placed in the slots to keep them into place.

Thanks for viewing!:-)

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