Friday, June 25, 2010


I really admire wargaming modelers & painters that can keep focus on one theme at a time until complete or spend the majority of their time on one theme and only occasionally doing other things.The only time I can remain focused is if I have a deadline and/or commitment to meet,but other then that I bounce around a great deal.I know it helps to do one thing at a time,but of course I want to do it all right now!Just to give you an idea of my plans:

25/28mm (currently owned and already started or nearly complete)
-WAB Trojans-My current commitment nearly complete in terms of required size,but wish to add more in the future..
-AWI(BG)-A personal project(Guilford Courthouse) in a period I simply love to paint (Perry after all)with plans to seriously game.This is a period I plan to read more and remain a long term focused(close as I get to that) project.
-WAB Vikings-Add more Bondir,finish a longship for background,touch up all weapons,bases and armour.Also,the Norse are my favorite army in history and is a project I painted with a steady focus,but still needs more.
-WAB Praetorian Romans-Touch up re-painting
-WAB Early HYW English-Continue on with the Black Prices forces at Crecy and Poitier's.It's very challenging painting this army,but also very rewarding.
-LOTOW-It was fun building the town and making the posses and I do wish to add some figures and buildings.

25/28mm (Owned,but not started)
-WAB Assyrians-An army I like and also a way of bringing a friend into WAB2 gaming system
-F&IW-Just have to love those Indians from Conquest and it blends well with North American historical period events(AWI etc.)
-WAB Carthaginians-What's not to like about Hannibal!
-WAB Classical Greeks-Love the helmets and shield designs.
-WAB Ancient Germans-Romans need somebody to fight!Also,the models are great!!
-WAB Aztecs-Fantastic miniatures and an opportunity to explore colors!
-Blood Bowl Ogres-Mini's full of character
-WAB Samurai-A period I've always wanted to do,but can't decide the concept I want and leaves me on the fence all the time.
-DH Fallschirmjäger-Great mini's from Artizan and the camo scheme is wonderful if you get it right.I also like the background of these tough fighters.
-WHECW-Got to love all the array of muskets and pikes!It's an interesting period that seems to be growing at a pretty good pace in the gaming community.My army is will be modeled after Rupert's forces at Marston Moor,although with a few interchangeable flags the units could also pass for Parliamentarians.
-Chaos in Cairo-A pulp game set in the hollywood early and more modern mummy serials with myself using a band of Archaeologists.Collecting and painting the figure requirement is easy(10 or so figures),but creating the terrain for the game is time consuming,but very cool if pulled off.
-WAB Spartacus rebellion-Thank you Mr. Douglas for the inspiration!

25/28mm (wish list)

-Spanish Civil War-Both sides using Iron Ivan rule set.Love the figures from Empress and the period is less explored.
-Boxer Rebellion-Love to see Coppelstone or Artizan do some for this.A period of real variety.
-WAB Romano British for Age of Arthur(inspiration from Cornwell of course)
-Pulp Victorian-If a Russian company(forgot the name)makes the models easily accessible in Europe.
-Zulu War-The shields!!Rule set undecided.
-WAB Normans-Need to mount my Vikings after all!
-WAB El Cid Christian army.I really like the idea of mixing the Moorish/ European looks together.
-SOTR Germans-A chance to get creative.
-DH US Airborne-Looks,attitude and history are all very cool!
-WAB Spartans from Gorgon miniatures.
-Several others I've forgotten!(LoL!)
-WHECW Montrose Scots/Irish. as the background is great and painting highlanders would be fun!
-WAB Yorkist for WOTR with the kingmaker included.

15mm(owned and started or nearly complete)
-FOG/DBA Vikings-Not surprising I collect them.;-)
-FOG/DBA Normans-They are mounted Vikings after all!
-FOW German Panzerkompanie-Great looking tanks!
-F & F ACW-Probably my best studied period and longest owned historical miniatures.

15mm(owned,but not started)
-FOG/DBA Samurai -Same situation as Samurai in 25/28mm.
-FOW Fallschirmjäer-same as 25/28mm.
-FOW Luftwaffe Felddivision-They really got their tails kicked in the war,but I really like the colors!(LoL!)

15mm(wish list)
-FOW US Airborne(same as 25/28mm)
-FOW Finns-Fighting against the odds and a chance for a winter themed army
-Others I've forgotten

Of note,my desire to paint fantasy is and has been on the wane for quite some time with most posts of this being stuff I did quite awhile back and so this at least cuts down on my small project load!(LoL!)