Monday, July 11, 2011


Here is my next unit for my El Cid project that's due for an event in September. A unit of Christian Caballeros(includes both nobles and common knights).
Once again AP with highlights added afterwards. All shields and banners are completely hand painted. Like the Caballeros Hidalgos I modelled on some following robes to really emphasize their Spanish/Moorish background and mixed in Moorish figures to take it a step further.
These Caballeros use the over arm attacking technique and therefore are more suited for exploiting gaps in enemy lines unlike the Caballeros Hidalgos which use force of direct assault to break enemy lines. To reflect this I kept the unit standard a small banner in keeping with their need for quick assaults when a gap opens.
I also included the Crusader El Cid figure that I painted up as a bishop to give the unit some inspiration. He of course is the one with a cross on his shield.
Thank you for viewing.
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