Sunday, March 30, 2014

Ghulam Lancers

Sliding these 15mm Ghulams in before I miss the complete month of March! Many things have conspired to slow me down to include having to scrap an entire unit of Late Romans that just looked horrible and will now need to be stripped and repainted. Then when almost finished with another unit of AWI Americans I ran out of painting mojo I just started watching way too much TV and reading blogs, books, forums, looking at miniature companies for the next buy. To help me get back on track and have something to post this month I decided to go small and add another unit to my Ayyubid Impetus army.

These Ghulam's are from the wonderful 15mm Legio Heroica range and are a real treat to paint up. All the shields are hand painted, but the banner is from the superb LBM flags and transfers. More Ayubbids will be coming off my desk for sure.

Lately our group has been discussing doing more 15mm in Ancients/Mediaevals and even Naps in an effort to get some more variety into our gaming as the 28mm large army projects take very long to develop and while progress is being made on them a considerable amount of time is still needed on most. We have been doing a lot of 28mm skirmish gaming, but would like a break from that for awhile. So this year I will be doing more army based projects in 15mm along with continuing on with expanding my 28mm collections of course. Not sure of the ratio yet, but hopefully something like 50/50 even split on both scales.

Now, back to those 28mm AWI Americans and finish off the unit so I can clear my desk and decide what I'll do next as that's always a mystery to me!:-)

Thanks for looking!:-)
Miniature Company-Legio Heroica