Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Here is my latest addition of some chariot runners and slingers using army painter.No fancy shields with these guys.Here you can see army painter as is without any fancy work to hide behind.
I'm not completely happy as I'm still learning to use army painter and I haven't quite got the mix right just yet,but it's coming along.I'm using a brush to put it on and perhaps I need to let it sit for a few seconds before wiping away the excess.
The nice thing is these guys painted up quick even with adding a quick highlight and that in itself is a motivating factor.
I like the fact that army painter is allowing me to get some armies painted up so I can concentrate on others with more detailed painting methods without feeling like I'm not getting anything done.:-)
Next up for the Trojan army will probably be some Sea Peoples.They have some fun color patterns that I'm looking forward to.
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