Thursday, February 3, 2011

Researching and updated blog with some new gadgets

Hi everyone, just letting you know the reason for a pause in regular posting (excuse list that is).Currently I'm doing some research for a painting project where I'm trying to work out the best colour options and method of application(zombie flesh and blood) . Also,I will try an alternative painting technique on just a few miniatures to see how it goes (full painting with no black lining). Surprisingly,the research consumed more time then I thought.In addition,I've been painting up a few miniatures for a friend.
Soon, regular posting will resume with some AWI, Chaos in Cairo and Zombie material followed by more El Cid.

I've added a few more gadgets to my blog.

Blog list-For some reason of an mental brain drop I failed to add a list of the blogs I follow and this has now been corrected. I went with 10 showing to keep it user friendly,but you can just hit list all button to see all of them. The listing shown will always be by the latest updates.When viewing the complete blog list you can see it's quite a hefty amount,but I really do enjoy reading and viewing what other's are doing. :-)

Top 10 member-I thought this would be a nice way of me giving recognition to readers who currently read my blog the most. Please don't worry  if your not in there as I won't feel slighted in the least as it's just a fun gadget for interest and not to be taken overly serious. Gadjets are fun after all! :-)  Also, you have to sign in to get on the listing and this allows for persons still wanting to view my blog anonymously or unrecorded to continue to do so.When signing in just use the normal account you use for the blogging and you won't double follow,but even if you do it's not important, but just passing on the tip.

Popular Posts- Thought I'd throw that in there for those curious to see what folks are viewing the most on my blog.

Thanks for reading!