Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lukka Pirates

Here is my latest edition in the form a unit of allied Lukka Pirates(Sea Peoples) to support my Trojans.These guys were fun to paint up and I quite like the colorful nature of the unit.As with the other Trojans I continued with the army painter experiment.I tried adding a bit more army painter then last time to help raise the detail and added a few quick highlights to further define areas.I'm happy with skin tones here more then the other units. :) Again,most of the shield work is hand painted except the bronze studs with have army painter applied.
Another nice thing,is I'm happy I based up units wide when I heard the rumor WAB2 was going that direction and it appears that is the case.
Even painting at a pretty easy pace I'm surprised and happy how quick things are coming along and with some decent results for gaming.:-)
Next up for Trojans are....Chariots!The staple highlight units of the period in question.I'm looking forward to seeing how they turn out. :)
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