Sunday, September 6, 2009

It's a miners life

No town is complete without a shack,so I set about changing that and for fun I decided this would be open topped.As you can see he's heading off to dig for gold under the gaze of his hard wife who wonders if he ever will strike it rich like he always claims!
Mineature Company:Wargames Foundry

Bank Robbery!

For this set of pictures I attempted to encompass a large part of my town I constructed.I wanted a scene where the outlaws had just robbed the bank and upon leaving the bank were then confronted by a well prepared and very angry towns folk who then proceeded to shoot them to pieces.The outlaws ran for their lives with guns blazing leaving over half their number behind as either killed or too wounded to keep up.
This story was inspired by true events that happened to Jesse and Frank James gang in Northfield Minnesota when the towns people set a trap and basically shot them to ribbons.
Miniature Company:Wargames Foundry


For this scene I made a corral inspired by the famous shoot-out at the OK Corral.Of course in my little gunfight here the antagonists are not the actual famous participants,but members of my own posses of outlaws and lawmen.On hand as well are a doctor,mortician,and an ace reporter to write down all the action for the dime novels.

Miniature Company:Wargames Foundry

Bank and Land Office

There seems to be something amiss going on around the bank with two very desperate looking characters lurking outside the bank door.... and it comes as no surprise that indeed they are robbing the Bank!
I built this bank open topped to allow for bank robbery scenario's,but left the Land office closed.I need to add a Wells Fargo safe someday to the bank to complete the picture.
Miniature Company:Wargames Foundry


This is a small scene I did of a few outlaws breaking their pal out of jail with the Marshall and his deputies moving in to put a stop to it.
I decided to make an open top jail to place prisoners in and the Water Tower I wanted to be pretty tall so I built it high enough that it taller then all my buildings.
Miniature Company:Wargames Foundry

Saloon and Hotel

This Saloon and Hotel is for my western town called Serenity which of course it's anything but!It's part of the town I built over a summer a few years back.It's populated by some of my western figures.The saloon was quite an undertaking and doing clapboard walls took a lot longer then I ever thought it would!The name of the saloon is an invention,but I wouldn't be surprised if one saloon did have this,although it would only be by accident and not design.

Miniature Company:Wargames Foundry

Wheeled Cannon

This cannon is probably(really is) a bit late for the period in question and really should rest on the ground.However,I don't think it's too out of place with the complete wooden carriage and wheels and so will not stick out like a sore thumb.
I like the image of this miniature with the old veteran smiling at the shock of the young man at his first test firing of a cannon.They really are loud!
Interesting note in that cannon were used at Crecy.
Miniature Company:Wargames Foundry

The Black Princes Longbowmen

These longbowmen belong to the Black Princes retinue and are wearing his retinue colors of green and white.These deadly archers proved to be the bane of the French at both Crecy and Poitier's.If these men were ever captured by the French,then they could expect little mercy and if they were not killed out of hand then often they would cut off their draw cord pull fingers.The result was that English longbowmen would show their two fingers before battle to taunt the French by showing they still had theirs and intended to put them to good use.As you can see,my center archer is doing just that!(LoL)
Miniature Company:Wargames Foundry

Lord Thomas Beauchamp's Knights and Men at Arms

This is for my Early Hundred Years War English army based around the Black Princes and Lord Thomas Beauchamp's Earl of Warwick's retinues at the battles of Crecy and Poitier's.The rule system is Warhammer Ancient Battles.This Retinue is a combination of Knights and Men at Arms serving Lord Beauchamp.I couldn't find his colors for his retinue so I decided on blue and white.His personal heraldry is correct however.All the knights are actual knights that did serve in these campaign's to include Sir FitzSimon's carrying the banner of St. George and Lord Thomas Beauchamp himself in the center front leading the unit.
Ignore the standards as I need to paint some up and just photocopied these so as not to have blank poles.All the heraldry on the knights themselves however I did paint on and this does take some time,but is pleasing in the end.
Miniature Company:Wargames Foundry