Thursday, February 21, 2019

Weathered Boarded House

The weathered boarded house from Hovels terrain is a nice little piece made out of resin that I had for awhile in my to do closet. I first tried an airbrush on it, but didn't like the result and decided to completely redo the house using my tried and true method using craft paints and mig pigments.

I really have always liked Hovel terrain pieces as I find they contain a lot of character and are great value for money. Strangely it's imperfections is where the appeal comes from. I still have several more in the line up that I hope to get to at some point.

It's a very useful piece of terrain that can be used for multiple periods in particular North America where a good portion of my projects take place.

Hopefully I'm able to keep on track producing terrain this year as would really like to add quite a few more features for future games as I feel I'm falling behind in this aspect.

Thanks for viewing!
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