Friday, September 11, 2015

Lee's Legion Horse

I've had this unit sitting on my shelf all painted up ready to be based for months now and finally decided to finish them off. The hold up was a mix of deciding if I should paint a up a flag or wait until somebody does one commercially and just generally running out of motivational juice. As you can see I couldn't decide and went ahead and finished them until I can make up my mind on the flag situation before they collect more dust.

Lee's Legion (2nd Partisan Corps) was raised by Henry "Light Horse Harry" Lee (father of Robert E. Lee) on June 8 1776. It briefly served with the First Continental Light Dragoons before forming it's own separate body of Horse and infantry called Lee's Legion. The unit first saw action in 1778 and was very active in the field in particular the Southern campaigns in both battles and raiding/guarding actions. They gained a reputation for ruthless efficiency and bravery throughout. They were disbanded on November 15, 1783.

The Legion horse is often depicted in the green short jacket and white linen leggings like their rivals Tarelton's Legion, but they also for a period had a cream/buff coloured jacket w/green trim and doe skinned leggings which I quite liked and opted to go with. Each cavalry troop within the Legion would also try to have their horses all of the same type  and I decided on "Dun " coloured for this particular troop.

The figures are from the new Perry cavalry releases and sculpting is excellent, but........the casting is well .....pretty sub par to be honest. I'm sorry folks but I feel compelled to say the Perry's need to have a little chat with their casters about the downward spiral of their metal casting process and insist on tighter quality control. The figures were noticeably thinner, plenty of flash and spiders, bent legs and swords requiring quite a bit of filing,bending,flattening and cutting. The figures are so well sculpted they deserve better casting. I bought these close to when they were first released so maybe this issue has been addressed?

Thanks for viewing!:-)
Miniature Company- Perry Miniatures