Sunday, November 19, 2017

Goths vs Romans a SAGA report

Well a report is bit of a stretch, but I had a SAGA game a few weeks ago with Nick using the Aetius and Arthur supplement. I took my Goths vs his Romans and a very fine game it was! The game was pretty close, but in the end the Goths managed to prevail. The pictures are not the very best as I'm still trying to come to grips with my camera plus I do need to add further lights in my room so as to light up the table evenly without darker sections. I only snapped some pictures from the early portion of the game and forgot to take more during the heat of battle, but should give you an idea the game itself.

The Romans!

The Goths!

So far we really enjoy Aetius and Arthur as we find the armies really well balanced and have enjoyed all the games so far.

As for some news I had a chance to play my first games of Sharp Practice at Crisis and Chain of command with Nick yesterday at my home and was just blown away by both systems!! So expect future projects in both of these!! Also I have more Baroque units I'll be posting soon, but must admit finding it hard to stay focused on that as I want to do some other things.

Thanks for viewing!