Monday, October 1, 2012

Bruges Tower

What it's already October?? My gosh how time just flies! I've been painting, but just not fast enough it would appear. I have about three units on my desk in various stages of completion so I will have some more material soon.

This piece is a Hovel 25mm Bruges Tower. They say it's 25mm, but I think it's more between 20mm and 25mm. I love Hovel terrain for it's quaintness, style and feel of the them in spite of the sculpts not being the best and the tremendous amount of clean up needed on them.

I wish I could paint faster as there are so many things I want to do!!:-(

Photobucket is still all screwed up! Once you have sized a pic you can't even change it any more! They used to be great, but their new system is a colossal failure! I'm so frustrated with them! I hope they go back to their old system or at least try and fix the new one at the very least.

Thanks for viewing.:-)
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