Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Chaos in Cairo

This is a pulp skirmish game by Blue Moon Manufacturing that I'll be starting with a friend.The background is more or less during the mummy serials and movies set in the 1920's Egypt.It includes archaeologists/adventures,monsters,cultists and fanatics all battling for their own goals.
Each "Warband"(Group) is made up of between 5 and 10 miniatures which is nice as it keeps the figure requirement low as I have several other projects on the go.The real work is in scenario designing,storytelling and terrain making for the various locals the campaign takes place in .
I'm curious to see where this goes as it's not my traditional wargaming format,but does allow me a break to just enjoy painting different things and letting my imagination has some outlet.
I must add a certain Jason(http://geektactica.blogspot.com/) fantastic work in this type of gaming had a huge influence on getting me interested in this,although his setting is in the Gothic Vampire and Werewolf movies using Chaos in Carpathia rule set from the same company.I will be using some of his ideas for inspiration.I just hope my storytelling will be just half as good as his and I'll be happy.
As their is no rush to finish this I'll be releasing posts when I have material finished or seeking general advice.

I'll be playing an archaeologists/adventurer warband(good guys?) and my friend will be playing cultists of The Cult of Set(bad guys?)Basically,I'm trying to recover ancient artefacts,arcane knowledge and unearth tombs for science,education....... oh and of course some small fame along the way.;-)While my friend wants them for personal power to further the aims of his group....something along the lines of control of state and perhaps beyond by the mysteriously evil nameless ones.
When ready,I'll start my posts with character introductions and then terrain making updates and eventually on to the scenario's themselves to include game results and some hopefully half decent attempts at story telling.The story telling will be done in Journal form as Jason did as that really seems to work very nice.You really should check out his blog,but please don't hold me to the same standard or I will likely disappoint.
See you in desert!