Monday, March 19, 2012


Mamluks are the elite of my 15mm Ayyubid army for Impetus. They began as slave soldiers before eventually taking Nobles into their ranks were some even became Sultan! They were not just deadly archers, but were equally hard in close quarter fighting and in a large part defeated both the Crusaders and Mongols to give some perspective of their qualities for those perhaps not familiar with them.
It was tough finishing these figures as cavalry at any scale is taxing for me, but I'm happy I did it in the end.:-)
The army is progressing along at a nice clip and I'm pretty close to 300pts if you include command structure costs which is nice!
Once again wonderful Legio Heroica figures painted up using Foundry paints. The Banner is from the superb LBM with some small added trimming by myself.
Thanks for viewing!
Figure Company- Legio Heroica