Thursday, March 26, 2015

More M4A1 Shermans

Slowly getting back into things. While 15mm isn't the easiest to paint it is very practical scale in that it paints a bit quicker then 28mm and you can see the figures better then 10mm plus gives you a large army effect. It's also a very popular scale making finding players easier and uses up less space. Anyhow I will be doing more 15mm in the future for my small scale stuff. Most of my terrain is all 15mm and 28mm so it's not surprising I would prefer things to stay that way, but things can always change.

These are some Sherman tanks I did a little while ago for my FOW American Tank Company, but just couldn't get the energy up to photograph and post it up. Americans are fun and easy to paint which is a good way to get going again after you have been in a major slump like I have just been through. Probably the worst slump I've been in and happy I seem to be getting going. I'm sad it happened in the Analogue Painting challenge where I basically really wasn't a participant at all.

 I also plan on having less presence on forums and more on activities and the painting desk, but I will try and keep up on blogs, but if I fall behind it's because frankly something has to give of which I'm sure many fully understand that being the same situation.

My painting ambitions are pretty modest at the moment and just simply painting whatever I want to and trying not to over think things. Currently I'm re-doing some 15 ACW figures I'd like to game with as they are in such sorry condition and really need some tlc. I'm also doing some more FOW Americans. I do have some 28mm in the painting line up, but again just taking it moment to moment and letting the mood control what I do so I don't re-lapse.

Thank for viewing!
Miniature Company- Battlefront