Tuesday, November 8, 2011

General blog update

Hi Folks

I thought I would just give a general summation of where I'm at in the hobby so you don't think I've gone off the deep end!

When doing the El Cid project I had to meet a deadline. This put me in a position where I had to paint something when I was often not in the mood to do so which really had me frustrated! I absolutely hate being constrained and forced to paint something when I don't want to and therefore I was often miserable at the painting desk during this period! Of course it's nice finishing a project, but for me not in that fashion. I want to finish projects when I'm ready and not some predetermined date. This hobby is all about enjoying yourself and I will not put myself in that position again. I now only agree to do projects on a loose basis where I can back out gracefully or at least extend the agreed upon finish date if needed.As to events then only agree with something I'm finished with or I'm largely finished with already.

So many may be asking that's all fine and dandy Christopher, but what has that got to do with the blog? The answer is expect to see extremely radical swings in projects on this blog as I jump around all over the place like kids with free tickets in Disneyland!Freedom!!!!!!! That's right folks, I'm going to paint whatever strikes my interest at that particular moment! If you see a period you like and I drift off somewhere else then don't be concerned as I'll be back on it for sure at some point. Yes siree I'm not the best gent to tell you how to start and finish an army in reasonable amount of time, but I guess the good thing is I'll usually have something different on each post. Ok,  I'm reaching, but it's something.:-)  Right now I want to do a multitude of projects all at the same time and my painting will reflect it more then usually! Basically I'm giving an excuse for the eclectic nature of this blog and my inability to keep focused!

Happy painting out there!!:-)