Thursday, November 24, 2011

Fallschirmjäger 8cm Light Mortar platoon(15mm)

Hi folks revisiting my Fallschirmjäger for FOW and finished up a platoon I've had half finished for quite some rime. These are some light Mortars  which are essential to all FJ forces as they can provide the quickest and fastest means of suppression allowing for rapid deployment of their forces or stop attackers from overwhelming their defensive positions.

I'm having quite some fun painting right now as I'm bouncing around between subjects which keeps me at the painting desk when I have time. I still have plans to add more to this force whenever the mood takes me again. I also attained a very large American Airborne and Tank Company for FOW so stay tuned for that.:-)

As always thanks for viewing!:-)

Miniature Company:FOW Battlefront