Thursday, December 3, 2015

Ashigaru w/ Nagae-yari

Doing this unit reminded me why I took such a long break from adding more units to my Shimazu clan project.......because they are extremely hard to paint!! Granted the finished effect is very satisfying because of the pay off which is if you put the effort in Samurai armies will rewarded you with spiffy looking units because of the detail they have. I suppose I look at it as the wargamers version of running a marathon.

I've made some changes to the Ashigaru in that I lightened up the armour a shade as I felt my previous ones were a little too dark. I'm very happy with the change and I'll need to go back over the other Ashigaru and update them to look the same as these ones. I also decided to go for a slight bamboo effect on the Nagae-yari which I rather like. I mean if ones already going to paint all the darn lace then why not go the extra mile on the yari....right?

Impetus bases (my favourite btw) are great fun so I took the opportunity to pose this unit as if preparing to receive or hoping to receive a cavalry charge. Not sure how many units I'll do like this as it's not very practical on the tabletop with the extended yari, but hey I like the effect and I'll either add a spare base in front when units meet or turn them around briefly in the melee.  

Not sure when I'll do my next unit as like I said it's a marathon, but I will for sure do some more.:-)

Thanks for viewing!:-)
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