Monday, August 12, 2013

The 47th Alabama Infantry Regiment

Continuing on with Law's Alabama Brigade with the 47th Alabama infantry regiment. The figures are from the excellent Redoubt range and the flag from GMB Designs. Redoubt packs a lot of character in their figures which enables one to experiment with unit composition which is really fun and something I enjoy doing.

The hard fighting 47th Alabama was mustered into service in Loachapoka Alabama on 22 May 1862 under Col. James McCarthy Oliver consisting of 10 companies like the Tallapoosa Light Infantry, Chambers infantry etc. and assigned to the Army of Northern Virginia.

 The 47th Alabama served first in Jackson's division for the battles of Chantilly, Second Manasses, Harper's Ferry, Sharpesburg(Antietam) where it was virtually decimated losing 98 killed , wounded or missing out of 115 and could only muster a sergeant and 18 men the following day. Reconstituted it then fought in Fredricksburg before moving on to Hoods division in Laws Alabama Brigade further fighting in the Suffolk campaign, Gettysburg,  Chickamauga, Look out Valley, Siege of Knoxville, Wilderness, Spottsylvania, Petersburg, Finally laying down their well used arms at Appomattox with only 17 officers and 188 men left.  Let's just say they not only saw the elephant, but the whole darn herd!!

I've also restarted basing my 28mm ACW figures 2 figures on 40mm x 20mm bases to cope with all the stands needed for Regimental Fire and Fury and what looks to be a high requirement for Longstreet too. Let's face it folks just about every ACW rule set has a very high base count and I feel I need to be practical and my gaming group agrees(for this period at least). I've tried it on RF&F and it worked out just great! 

Thanks for viewing!:-)
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