Monday, February 14, 2011

Zombies #1 and #2

This is my first crack at painting post apocalyptic zombies or modern zombies. These guys have been an experiment in several ways, this being painting zombie flesh and blood which I have little experience and last is full up painting without using any black lining. For anyone who hasn't painted blood, it's much more difficult then one would think I've discovered. Like I mentioned, blood is a tricky one to paint and I needed to do some research in how to go about it. The thing with blood is colour and amount to be applied is very much a judgement thing and so trial and error are the order of the day. Another thing I found difficult when painting blood is a psychological one in that applying it over areas you just carefully painted is nerve racking as you really don't want to mess up!
The first few zombies will be the Hasselfree generic zombies as I work out flesh tones and blood, before moving on to their character zombies with the idea being if I mess these up I won't be too disappointed.
This first zombie above is a pretty nice sculpt for a generic zombie and looks as if he has been well and truly chewed on before becoming a zombie and so he is pretty bloody. I don't like to put on as much blood as possible on a model, but rather only as much as the model demands to make it convincing. The result on this guy went pretty well for a first time I think and so I'm happy, but still more to learn of course.
In regards to flesh tones I first wanted to start with a greenish flesh and later  try some blueish ones on another set. I don't like the zombies with flesh tones so green they look more like green aliens then dead flesh and resolved to take it easy on the green. However, I think his flesh came out a bit too "healthy" and so on the next zombie coming up I added a bit more green.

No black lining works for this period I think and so I'll continue that method for the rest of the zombie project.

This next zombie above isn't a very good sculpt which is not normally the case for Hasselfree miniatures as they usually have excellent sculpts,that said  this model is still worth owning. One thing I noticed was that blood doesn't look as effective on darker clothing as it's more difficult to show the transitions in colour blood undertakes. In the future I'll use more light colours when appropriate.
I added a bit more green to this ones flesh, but still noticed I need to a little more and so on the next "green" zombie as I've come to identify them in type I'll add more.
The bases are asphalt street colour with some grass/weeds growing through the cracks. I'll leave the more detailed bases for zombie survivors.
Thanks for viewing !
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