Monday, November 30, 2009

Quick note on the redoubt

A question has popped up on two sites about how the cannon was placed in such a fortification.
I thought I would just answer it briefly by saying thick planks to either side of the redoubt were placed to act as a ramp and the cannon was hauled over was one option or simply moving the artillery in before completing the redoubt.:-)


Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bunker Hill full picture redoubt

This is the Bunker Hill redoubt and one of the three fletches I made for an up and coming event using the British Grenadier AWI rule set at next years TACTICA event in Hamberg where we will be putting on a demo of The Battle of Bunker Hill.
The redoubt is pretty simple as was the actual one on the day of the battle.I'm not even sure they reinforced it with planking,but I wasn't happy with just a simple earth embankment and so I took a bit of artistic license and added a very simple planking scheme to the walls of the redoubt.I added some of my miniatures to get a sense of scale and I think the size will work nicely with what we have in mind.
BTW this Bunker Hill is the actual model for the game and the other one in the diorama's is only a corner piece used for an advert.The background is largely for color as I'm putting the focus on the redoubt.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Taking a closer look at dipped Trojan spearmen

Here a a few closer looks for those that asked and that I haven't had time to put in.However,they are not to close,because pictures to close up can appear distorted.
There is a slight shine on the mini's that isn't very noticeable in person,so I think the lighting is doing some of it.I also use GW satin purity seal on my mini's as it doesn't come out shiny if your careful and offers nice protection in addition to not dulling a model down to much.I need to give a further inspection on the models and tone down any that are still to shiny.It was late when I applied the protective coat and took pictures.(My excuse at any rate):-)
I painted the skin tone a bit darker to reflect their Mediterranean background and choose some pretty bright colors for the clothes as this seems to really work for biblical period miniatures in my view.
I only added quick highlights to the speartips,crest,and clothes.I did not highlight the flesh,bone,leather and wood as this would have been very time consuming and defeating the purpose of army painter to produce units quicker then normal.
The shield cow hide patterns do not have army painter used on them and are hand painted to look like cow hide(I tried anyways).I wanted this hallmark of the Trojans to look nice and put a good foot forwrd here.:-)
A special thanks to Saxon Dog for the tips and advice on using army painter.:-)
I need more practice as I'm still leaving pools here and there on the mini's and I'm still unsure of just how much to use on them.Next up are some skirmishers where I can get some more practice.I'm hoping to be comfortable with the process before tackling any chariots as they are the center piece of Biblical armies.
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Friday, November 20, 2009

Trojan combined Spearmen /archer unit

Well folks here they are!This is my Trojans using the dip method.When you factor in time spent vs results then I must say I'm quite happy.I wasn't able to time myself,but it sure did speed up the process.The thought of painting all the flesh in my normal method makes my heart skip a beat!
The dip was brushed on and will require a few more practice runs before I get it just where I want it.
Army painter was brushed on everything except the shield cow hide patterns in which I hand painted this.The reason I hand painted the shields is I wanted the shields to look nice, because this is largely why I collected a Trojan army as I really like the cow hide on a large shield pattern and think of it as the hallmark of a Trojan army.I tried to achieve the hair like appearance these shields would have.
As far as highlights,I only applied a few light highlights to the clothes and spear tips.I applied no highlights to the skin,bone,leather or wood as that would have been very time consuming and thus defeating the purpose of using army painter.
The spears are very long as I've seen in some depictions.They run close to looking like pikes,but I like this look and choose to go with it.
The concept behind my army is a Trojan army close to the time of the Trojan war itself and therefore I will be mixing in early and late style equipment which many historians and the Iliad itself imply.
I personally don't care for light bases,but I cannot have a dark brown one for the Middle East/Asia and so I did some viewing on the internet and saw areas of a reddish desert color and I liked it and went with this tone as a compromise.I decided also to keep the grass dried and sparse in keeping with the region.
I also went with a very wide frontage as I both like the wide look and also to prepare for the soon to come updated rules(WAB2).
I hope some of you like it and I'm curious to hear what you think.:-)
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