Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A quick pic of the Trojan Army

This is the completed army I used at the TTU gaming weekend.It was led by King Diometores and his son Hectores(not very orginal I know) where they fought for the Assyrian allience.They defeated some Hittes and lost to Egyptians and in a large multi player game participated in a hard fought draw.I will post some pics of the battles they were in.
This army weighs in at 1600pts.(WAB) that I will eventually make a bit larger with a spearmen and chariot unit modeled after the princes more colorful and modern equipment,but that will be sometime in the future.For now the army is finished and I'll move on to some of my other projects to be decided soon(AWI,Assyrians,ECW,Pulp,Fallschirmäger to name a few).I hope some of you enjoyed the Trojans.Like I said,I'll post some of the games.Cheers!
Miniature Company-Wargames Foundry

Trojan Spearmen

This is my second unit of Trojan spearmen with the shields hand painted and the rest done with army painter and quick highlights added like the other Trojans.I just barely finished these in time for TTU and so I had no time to post them until now.I'll post the entire army shortly and pics of the army in action a bit later.
Miniature Company-Wargames Foundry