Thursday, August 15, 2013


Mute since birth and unlike our other heroes Wolfhad is Wodenborn and the son of a minor lord. However, since he cannot speak he was considered less then useful as making any marriage  possibilities and a chance at leadership difficult. So his father sent(sold) him off to learn wood carving to be a ship builder. This wasn't to Wolfhad's liking as he wasn't much for working wood, but he really didn't have much of a choice.

Things changed when Hamarolf visiting the progress of his ship being built noticed a very large craftsman knocking huge chunks out of the plank wood for his ship with strong easy blows which looked very good for warrior cuts, but terrible for a craftsman. Hamarolf nonplussed and close to striking Wolfhad questioned  him as to why he wasn't properly cutting the wood and it was here that he noticed he could not speak. Sensing Wolfhad's frustration and impressed with his size and strength Hamarolf recognized this man's potential wasn't being put to proper use and bought  out Wolfhad's contract.

Hamarolf trained Wolfhad in the art fighting and not surprisingly he has proved to be a real natural warrior and a quick learner not to mention thanks to his conditioning he is able to endure punishment that would crush lesser men. Grateful to Hamarolf for his new life Wolfhad has never left Hamarolf side and is now the personal champion of Hamarolf.

The superb miniature is from Musketeer and for me an auto pick as I had to have one of my characters with the famous Sutton Hoo helmet that is virtually synonymous with early Saxons and frankly is just flat out cool and what better then to wear it then the champion who is supposed to be the personification of a Saxon warrior. Shield design is from LBM's excellent transfer range with a bit of MIG pigments added for some weathering on the shield and stones. I also did a small conversion on the miniature and gave him a sword instead of a spear which I prefer for this dynamic pose.

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