Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Caballeros Attacking

The last unit finished for the event!!!!! (pant, gasp,.......I made it!) This last instalment for the event project is a another unit of Caballeros who have now thrown their throwing spears and have drawn their swords for close work to finish the attack.

Again, like the other unit of Caballeros they have a smaller standard compared to the Caballeros Hidalgos whose role is pure shock troops. The smaller standard allows them to move quicker as they try to break up enemy formations with javelins and then when the enemy is disorganized they launch their assaults which is more in the traditional method of Iberian fighting rather then Caballeros Hidalgos adopted Frankish style of fighting.

As with the rest of the army I mixed Christian and Moorish looks together to give that Iberian feel to them. I continued using AP with highlights and hand painting shields and banner.

Completing this army was much tougher then I thought it would be, but I'm happy I pushed through and finished. I thought painting cavalry would be less models to do, but in reality it's really two models which doubles the figure count. I'll eventually add more to the army, but it will be infantry!! After now painting 64 cavalry models I won't be painting any more 28mm horses for a little bit and that's for sure! I'll do a full army picture when I get some time.
As always thank you for viewing.:-)
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