Thursday, January 1, 2015

Looking back on 2014 and looking forward to 2015

A happy me in front of Lee's Memorial

I don't ever keep a count of how many figures I do per year as my count is usually not high enough to warrant that, but I may give it try someday if I feel my painting output sees a strong enough push to make that worthy of talking about. Anyhow 2014 followed the usual pattern of wanting to do much more then I actually get done so same old story on that front. Gaming has seen a bit of slump with perhaps one game every 6 weeks which I hope to improve on in 2015. The highlight of 2014 was without question my dream visit to Gettysburg and Antietam battlefields which surpassed my expectations. I promise to post up more pictures soon. If you have not gone and are an ACW fan then it is a must see!

My projects plans for 2015 are:

Strong Contenders
AWI- Continue on with this as I  actually have decent amount of figures that makes playing this period easier and easier. I would say another 4-6 units of cavalry and infantry will see a lot of scenario's open up. If I do more then that will just be icing on the cake. I must say Black Powder's Rebellion has really opened up the possibilities here. I can say with a very high degree of probability that this will see good progress in 2015, but as to everything else below......

ACW- I will probably do more as this period is dear to me, but I cannot decide if I want to make a serious push in 28mm or 15mm. Need to chew on that a bit.

FOW WWII- I will add more to my growing American Tank Company and perhaps do some Germans as well, but haven't decided if it will be Luftwaffe/Herman Goring or regular Grenadiers.

Moors 28mm Impetus- I really must get started on this as my poor Spanish Crusaders are tired of playing cards waiting for a fight. We shall see....

Germanic/Late Romans 28mm Impetus/Dux Britt./Dux Bellorum-  I kind of view this as all one project and I would be surprised if I didn't do anything here so I would put this in a close second after AWI in terms of likelihood of seeing progress made.

Vikings 28mm- Continue on with the laborious task of re-basing for SAGA and Impetus.


WWII 28mm- Will maybe do some Japanese and I may also do some Germans, but honestly I might not bother as my friend Nick has plenty of that making it a bit unnecessary.

Swiss 15mm- Lovely Legio Heroica figures, but still thinking it over if it will see paint this year.

Teutonics 15mm- More lovely Legio Heroica which actually makes sense doing a snow theme for once.

Sudan 28mm- I've been thinking of this for sometime and have now began to collect the figures....will they see paint....good question.:-)

FIW 28mm M&T- Need to do a few more French and Indians and then start on the British.

All of the above is subject to change with things dropped and others added as I put the B into butterfly in terms of painting habits.

After family and health my resolutions are to spend more time painting then reading blogs, forums and planning new purchases. Last year I did better with the forums, however the extra time I accrued didn't go into painting but went into reading yet more blogs, and planning new purchases. It's fun and all, but doesn't help with getting things done. This year I hope to get the balance right.

Happy New Year!