Friday, April 18, 2014

General Otho Holland Williams

The figure isn't modelled exactly after General Williams and is listed as a Continental officer and will likely often be used this way, but I like to give names to my figures and regiments to bring them more to life so to speak. More on his background can be found here He will start off as commander of my Maryland Brigade.

I really like the sculpt of this figure caught in the middle of giving his command and is my favourite from the Perry's Continental officers from both their own range and earlier Foundry range they did.

Oh I just got the Perry plastic Continental Infantry box set to include the Washington figure of course and while I'm not a big plastic fan it's still pretty impressive in what you get. You get two standard bearers which is great as that allows for two units and a great selection of coats and hats which includes my favourite the hunting shirt and turns the sometimes mundane marching pose into something very interesting indeed. I have quite a few ideas bumping around in my head. Oh, they also give a great uniform guide(albeit I recommend avoiding the purple as it wasn't all that common) and some flags for those of you who don't have any.

Happy Easter Holidays!

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