Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Saxon Gedriht #2 and a Happy New Year!

Slipping in my second unit of the elite Saxon Gedriht warriors before the year ends, but this time with a banner. I've said before that I really like banners even though they have no effect in Dux B. as they just add that little extra to your army. The miniatures are once again from the superb Musketeer range and the banner and shields are the excellent LBM with MIg pigments for weathering.

Well, this is where I take a much needed break from Dark Age material for a little while and go back to my long suffering AWI range which hasn't seen a drop of paint in quite some time. Don't worry for those interested in Dark Ages as I'll be back soon enough as I plan to expand my Saxons for Dux Bellorum, start on my Late Romans and re-base my Vikings, but my AWI really does need some attention. I'll talk more about this it later.

I won't do an extensive year in review other then to say it was typical year of not getting as much as I would have liked finished, but still managing to get some things done. I've also tried a new way of doing things which is goal setting. By this I mean I set a small reasonable goal and complete that before moving on to something else and this seems to be working for me.

I wish everyone a  Happy New Year and good luck on achieving your goals!

Thanks for viewing!:-)
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